Is This Sexual Harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment has been a “Hot Topic” in the news recently. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Guidelines define sexual harassment as…unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other physical and verbal contact of a sexual nature when it affects the terms of employment under one or more of the following conditions:

such an activity is a condition for employment
such an activity is a condition of employment consequences such as promotion, dismissal, or salary increases
such an activity creates a hostile working environment
(You can find the EEOC definition of Sexual Harassment in the “Points of Law” box on page 154 in your textbook.)

Is This Sexual Harassment in the workplace

Notes: In FY2019, there were 7,514 sexual harassment cases reported to the United States Equal Opportunity Employment Commission ( While many people still consider harassment as a female issue, the claims from men constitute 16.8% of the total claims filed. The monetary benefits reported by the EEO for FY2019 were $68.2 million, which does not include money awarded through litigation for the cases that went to a civil trial.

These numbers represent only the tip of the iceberg because many situations of sexual harassment are settled privately, and an online survey conducted on this subject by The Harris Poll on behalf of Career Builder revealed that 72% of those harassed did not do anything about the incident(s), and 54% never confronted the person responsible for the harassment. (Survey Results (Links to an external site.))

Given the legal guidelines shown above, address each of the following incidents and identify which are examples of sexual harassment and which are not, citing the condition(s) involved. Consider all aspects of the situation and explain your position.

Be sure to use your own words when answering these questions.

IMPORTANT: Retype the questions in your post, followed by your answers.

Incidents to be addressed:

It is well known at work that Anna is a lesbian. One of her co-workers, Caitlin, feels that Anna stands too close to her when they are in conversations and this makes her uncomfortable because of Anna’s sexual orientation. (Minimum 90 words) (3 pts)
Brittany, the new secretary to the vice president of manufacturing, frequently goes out into the plant as part of her job. Several of the machinists have been whistling at her and shouting off-color remarks as she passes through the shop. One of the other women in the company found Brittany crying in the ladies’ room after such an incident. (Minimum 90 words) (3 pts)
Ken is a young, part-time college athletic coach. His best player, Julie, is an attractive young woman. Since there are only a few years difference in their ages and Ken is quite attracted to Julie, he keeps asking her out. She consistently refuses to go. Traditionally, the best player is appointed as team captain. However, after Julie tells Ken to stop this behavior, and complains to the Athletic Director, Ken announces that he will select the captain this year by doing a coin toss. (Minimum 90 words) (3 pts)
Steve’s boss, Cathy, frequently makes suggestive comments to him and has even suggested that they meet outside of the office. At first, he ignored these remarks, but recently he made it clear to her that he was in a committed relationship and was not available. When she gave him his performance appraisal, much to his surprise, she cited him for not being a team player. (Minimum 90 words) (3 pts)
Jackie received a call at work that her father had died suddenly. When she went to tell her boss that she had to leave, she burst into tears. He put his arms around her and let her cry on his shoulder. A co-worker saw this and reported the situation to Human Resources. Is This Sexual Harassment in the workplace.

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