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Is Social Networking Benefit or Risk for Young People?

Is Social Networking Benefit or Risk for Young People?.
The evolution of the technology is ruining fast. Internet is everywhere, and most people using more and more app to help in their normal life in order to do the things more easy and fast. Social networking people used connect with other at work, school or strangers. The number or Apps created increase every day to share your profile photos, videos, or also you can have a personal couch in other country and more.
But some parents are worry about young people using all this sites. Proponents say social networking helps to communicate more with family friends, classmate or teachers, and student can share information or make research out of the school in whatever moment. Opponents said that social networking is not appropriate for young people that are more essay to influence or expose their personal information with strangers, reduce physical activities; and isolation. In my opinion, young people should use social networking because students can be connected with their classmate, teacher, or others researchers.
At first of all, social networking can have a positive impact in young people and student can spend more time in touch with the topic of the class when there are in their homes. In fact, student can share their opinion of the topic or help each other to learn something new, also help to others students to study for test. Other benefits of social networking are students can communicate with old friends and family members or new friends, and discuss about academic topics and learn what others persons know about it. One study shows that new students should use social networking pages to make new friends, feel more incorporated at their new schools, and decrease their risk of dropping out (Kochenderfer-Ladd).

In addition, a research reported in Boston those teachers are using social media to communicate with their student outside the classroom. This report shows that almost 90% of people in school have social media, and 50% of the teachers using for communicating with students. Also Teachers in all countries are teaching by making videos in youtube, sharing books, or in virtual classroom via Skype. Teachers and students are more connected. Social networking can be possible to make one video of some topic and students around the world can watch multiple times until master in the topic or share with countless of students (Everett)
Some critic argue students spend too much time using social media like facebook instead to make their homework or spend less time making that. In their view, students who used social media tend to have lower scored on tests. For example, student using facebook to talk with their friends about what happened in their favorite TV shows instead to study. Although it may be true that student can distract with social media, the fact is that might helps young people to be more responsible with their priorities.
In conclusion, social networking can use by young people to enhance their study. Social networking can connect student with teachers, in addition can connect them in different parts of the word. Young people now can access to education by watching videos of teacher multiples times and in different countries.

Is Social Networking Benefit or Risk for Young People?

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