Is Partners HealthCare the same as Mass General Brigham?

Is Partners HealthCare the same as Mass General Brigham?

Provide a summary of the faculty assigned Provider case.
Assess the functions of analytics as discussed by Davenport (2014). Include in your assessment:
How analytics is organized.
How it adds value and
How it deals with technical challenges
Analyze what area of the organization’s strategic goal is supported by analytics as discussed by Davenport (2014). Is it clinical, marketing, or business?
Analyze the assigned Providers case in terms of why this case study is considered a best practice.
Attach your group presentation to your group description and post both as an initial post.

What happened to Partners HealthCare?

You may wish to include visual enhancements in your presentation. These may include appropriate images, a consistent font, appropriate animations, and transitions from content- piece to content-piece and slide-to-slide. (Images should be cited in APA format).

The presentation

The word count for this assignment is 150 to 300 words.
Must be five to six slides in length (not including title page, references page, or appendices).
Must use a presentation tool such as Power Point (note that Google docs also has presentation tools)
Must include a Title Slide
Must include at least one slide for each of the bullet points above
Must include detailed speaker notes
Must include a reference page with at least three scholarly sources

Required Resources

Davenport, T., & McNeill, D. (2014). Analytics in healthcare and the life sciences: Strategies, implementation, methods, and best practices. Retrieved from

Part III: Healthcare Analytics Implementation Methods – This section of the text covers information on how healthcare data is extrapolated and utilized to streamline appropriate methods of implementation. These textbook readings will provide assistance with the CSBI exam, the discussion question, and the assignment.
Healthcare Financial Management Association (Links to an external site.). (n.d.). Retrieved from

The Healthcare Financial Management Association is an organization of healthcare finance leaders that builds and supports coalitions with other healthcare associations and industry groups to face the challenges the U.S. healthcare system faces today. This website will provide assistance with your CSBI exam preparation and your assignment.
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