IRAC Rule Application and Conclusion

IRAC Rule Application and Conclusion. Unlike an in-class exam, you will be able to communicate with fellow students. However, I advise you to limit your cooperation to helping each other to understand the issues or the questions, and to discussing them in broad terms. Your individual grades will include an element of originality, excessive similarity between answers will be treated as inappropriate collaboration, and all inappropriately similar papers will be down-graded, including that of the actual original writer. If you share drafts or outlines of your work, you should expect them to be copied by other students (including students with whom you did not share – these things have a way of circulating), and expect to lose the benefit of your original thoughts, or to be penalized for inappropriate collaboration. To be safe, I advise that every word you actually intend to submit as an exam answer be written while you are alone, and should be shared with no one. Please be reminded that your MS Word submissions will go through SafeAssign, a database that includes other students’ submissions.•Unlike an in-class exam, you have access to the internet. However, I advise you to limit your internet research to investigating terms or concepts you remember imperfectly from class or from the textbook.

IRAC Rule Application and Conclusion

This exam is intended to test your understanding of the course material, which consists of class lectures, material shared on iLearn, and the course textbook. Introduction of complex concepts or terminology that does not feature in the textbook and has not been discussed in class will be treated as evidence of unoriginal work, and inappropriate use of internet research. Again, please be reminded that your MS Word submissions will go through SafeAssign.•Attempts to disguise large blocks of text taken from the internet by strategically changing words will lead to worse, rather than better grades. I have been teaching and grading a long time, and I can easily detect attempts to change and adapt online sources, partially because such sources rarely directly address the question I have asked in my prompt. The best way to get a good grade is to write your own best answer to the questions using your knowledge from the course. •Finally, I reserve the right to arrange an interview with you on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to discuss your answers. Inability to explain concepts or arguments used in your exam answer will be treated as evidence of inappropriate collaboration or inappropriate use of internet resources IRAC Rule Application and Conclusion for each of the issue questions.

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