Invention of the Laser Printer

The presentation Mr. Starkweather gave touched upon many points of entrepreneurship and perseverance. As we have learned, Mr. Starkweather’s major accomplishment was the invention of the laser printer. In today’s world this might not seem like that big of a deal, but there were many obstacles standing in the way of this invention. The idea of building a printer based on laser technology was foreign for the time period. When the idea was first proposed not one company wanted to put money towards the development.
This rejection came with a great deal of defeat and a sense of hopelessness for Mr. Starkweather. Not only did he not let the critics drag him down, but he also had the determination to keep pushing the idea onto different printing companies. Kodak finally stepped up to the plate and offered a patent but no funding. Although the money wasn’t there, this was still a big step in the right direction. After much perseverance and experimentation the laser printer was finally developed in 1959.
Being able to prove all the companies that doubted the idea was an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment for Mr. Starkweather. This new technology was able to print original copies straight from your computer. This machine was ground breaking for the time period and was able to significantly improve the functionality of offices across America. After being able to reflect upon Mr. Starkweather’s presentation I realized that even though people might not accept your ideas at first it is important not to give up.

The rejection you receive should only be an indication to further your research and prove how your idea can be practical and advantageous. By giving up on your own idea due to someone else’s reaction, we are falling into peer pressure and tricking ourselves into thinking we are failures. Mr. Starkweather not only risked his pride but he also risked his employment. Not only was he able to prove what was thought to be the impossible possible, but he was able to jump start a new way of life.
In today’s world we are now able go to our local Wal-Mart and pick up one of these laser printers for under $100. It is very ironic how something we take for granted today, took so much time and rejection 50 plus years ago. This presentation was not only important for the business majors but it could have also done a great job at inspiring the rest of the school. After finding out how much rejection Mr. Starkweather endured and how much of a success his idea became, I was very impressed and caused me to reflect upon how I would act if I was put into a similar situation.

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