Introduction to Networking Test Questions

What type of network will they be implementing to connect their two offices? A. LAN b. internetwork c. MAN d. SAN 2. What was the primary reason to create a network? b. d. share resources communicate with e-mail share information 3. You’re the network administrator for a company located in Arizona that has Just opened an office in Texas. You need to make sure that the two locations can communicate. What type of network are you implementing? MAN b. WAN c. internetwork d. extended LAN 4. You have Just started a new business.
You need to have three to four workstations vailable for your employees who simply need to share some files and a printer, but you dont have a large budget. Security is not a major concern, but costs are. What type of network would be the most appropriate for your situation? internetwork domain peer-to-peernetwork server-based network 5. What is a policy that defines the methods involved when a user logs on to the network called? a. audit b. security c. a uthentication d. acceptable use ‘2-l$age 5′ Which one of the following passwords meets Windows password complexity requirement?
NetWoRKing NetworkinglsFun N3tworkinglOl [email protected]@slcs 7′ What is a type of malware that is so difficult to detect and remove that most experts agree that it is better to backup your critical data and reinstall the OS? rootkit Trojan hoax virus spyware 8. When a frame is received, which component reads the source and destination MAC addresses, looks up the destination to determine where to send the frame, and forwards it out the correct port? router switch repeater hub 9. How does a switch “learn” MAC addresses? b’ The switch comes loaded with the most frequently used addresses.

The switch reads ach frame and makes a note of where each MAC address came from. The switch uses a mathematical formula to determine what the MAC address would be for each computer connected to it. 10. Why is the use of a switch preferred over a hub? Switches can operate in full-duplex mode. All of the above. 11. what d, broadcast unicast Devices on a hub have to share the available bandwidth. Switches are intelligent; they read the frame and determine where to send it. is a packet called multicast anycast -3-1Fng* that is intended for only one individual computer? 12. What is the purpose of the default route? It serves as a guideline for how to configure routes. It’s a route set by Microsoft so that all information comes to their servers first. It’s where the router sends all packets with destinations of which it has no knowledge. None of the above 13. Which of the following is not a form of electromagnetic interference, or EMI? rain/fog transformer fluorescent lights crosstalk 14. When a signal travels across network medium, it signal loses strength the further it gets from the transmitting station, to the point where the receiving station can no longer interpret the signals correctly.
What is the term for this phenomenon? a. electromagnetic interference attenuation radio frequency interference 15. Which of the following is a length of cable that connects a computer to either a networking device or to an patch panel cable segment backbone cable patch cable 16. In what layer does the NIC operate? Network Access Internetwork Transport Application 17. Which protocol is responsible for determining the MAC address associated with each IP address and keeping a table of its results? MAC DNS ARP NAT -4-l$nge 18. An IP address consists of four octets separated by periods.

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