Introduction to Geography

Introduction to Geography


The purpose of this assignment is to help the student identify and differentiate between two key concepts in geography, namely “human phenomena” and “physical/natural phenomena.” In addition, the student — through independent reading and learning to describe both location and unique features — will be learning additional material and gaining knowledge supplementary to that contained in the textbook and presented in class lectures.

  1. Instructions for students

Below is a list of 25 place names. In this assignment, you are asked to select 20 of them and organize them under two headings: a) “human phenomena” and b) “physical/natural phenomena.” Do not select more than 20 of the 25 place names. Your assignment will be graded based on the 20 answers that you provide.

In addition to your categorizing of the 20 place/phenomena names under the two categories of “human phenomena” and “physical/natural phenomena,” you are asked here to describe in one or two sentences the nature of the selected phenomena and give its approximate function in the case of “human phenomena,” as well as location. In your description of the “natural/physical” phenomena, make sure to describe its specific location by indicating the name of the country and/or the region/city where it is located. You’ll be able to answer all the 20 questions by using a simple Google search or another search engine online.