For this assignment, review the three video interviews comparing strengths and limitations of interviewer and interviewee skills in this week’s Learning Resources. Based on what you read in your Weekly Learning Resources, consider how interviewing techniques could be used to interview a person you might be interested in interviewing. After reading your resources this week, create a list of questions and conduct an interview with a family member or a friend. Take notes on the responses given by the interviewee. Do not submit the interviewee’s responses. You must, however, analyze the responses in order to complete the assignment.  The Assignment (1–2 pages)  •Submit the list of interview questions you developed. Be sure to omit any interviewee responses. •Explain the purpose of each question •Based on the interviewee’s responses, explain whether or not the questions were interpreted by the interviewee as you intended them to be interpreted  •Explain any revisions you may make to the interviewing questions to make them clearer and more effective. If no revisions are necessary, explain why. •Explain any interview techniques you used during the interview and explain whether or not they were effective

Apa format  Due 8:00pm est 

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