Interrelationships across the healthcare delivery system

Interrelationships across the healthcare delivery system. Effective systems-based care requires an understanding of the features and characteristics of a “system” coupled with an understanding of how to think about that system, analyze it, and approach enhancing it (Johnson et al., 2008). The foundational construct that needs to be applied in systems-based practice is systems thinking (Johnson et al., 2008; Miles, 2004; Trbovich, 2014). Systems thinking is a body of knowledge, theory, and techniques applied to enhance understanding of the interrelationships among elements, patterns of change, and structures underlying complex situations (Three Sigma, 2002).

Evaluate how healthcare policy-making both directly and indirectly impacts the national and global healthcare delivery systems.
Identify the different types of organizations, services, and personnel and their interrelationships across the health care delivery system.
Assigment Instructions

You work for a healthcare system that includes a community hospital, a long-term care facility, a hospice center, a home health agency, and a physician clinic. For each facility create an organizational chart with the departments and a list of types of staff in each department. List staff such as RN, Radiology tech, lab tech, coder, etc. Numbers of staff and specific titles are not needed.

Write a description of the interrelationships across the health care delivery system. For example, the hospital lab department may provide laboratory services for the other facilities and interact with the nurses and medical assistants at those facilities. Are there some departments or staff positions that would function better in a shared services environment, supporting all the different facilities?

Interrelationships across the healthcare delivery system

Describe how healthcare policy-making impacts the healthcare delivery system. Discuss how you would evaluate the impact of new state, local, and federal policies as well as global impacts.

Please view the videos below on how to create organizational charts in Word

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