Internship Report on Vip Group of Industries

Internship Report On VIP Group of Industries Internship Report submitted to the Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Masters of Business Administration Submitted By: Raheeb Anjum 11022720-080 Masters of Business Administration (3. 5 year) 2011-2015 UNIVERSITY OF GUJRAT Date of Submission Name of Program coordinator: Signature of Program coordinator: Acknowledgement “In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and merciful” I would like to thank Almighty Allah who made me able to complete this internship report by utilizing my skills and knowledge.
I am also thankful for giving me spirit of patience, consistency and courage during my internship. I am very obliged to my affectionate parents who taught me the first word of speak and supported me morally and financially throughout my studies and also helps me to complete my internship. I am also grateful to the University of Gujrat that provided me a chance to explore my skills, qualities, abilities and potentials through internship program. I am also thankful to my teachers for giving me chance to show the best of my abilities during the period of my internship.
At VIP Group of Industries Limited , I would like to thank Mr. Abdul Sattar (Manager HR) who provided me full opportunity to start internship and accumulate first hand comprehensive information’ during my internship. I am also pleased to different persons like Mr. Muhammad Omer (Assistant Manager HR), Mr. Rizwan Mir (Marketing Manager), Mr. Muhammad Shahid (Production Manager) and Mr. Muhammad Wahab (Attendance Maintainer) who provided ever information I needed during the course of my internship. Table of Content

Particulars Part I Executive Summary Introduction Purpose, Scope and Aim of study Brief History Nature of Organization Business Volume, Rewards and success stories for last 5 year Product Line PESTL Analysis Contribution of Organization toward Economic Development Organizational Hierarchy Chart Number of Employees Main Offices Introduction of all Departments Comments on the Organizational Structure Part II Brief Introduction of Office Detail of Supervisors Weekly Timetable Detail Description of Departments Detail Description of Tasks assigned Summary of Learning Conclusions SWOT analysis Recommendations References 25 26 27 30 44 47 50 51 55 57 1 2 3 5 6 7 11 13 14 16 17 17 17 24 Page # Executive Summary VIP Group of Industries
Internship was my first step in practical life, through which I learnt a lot and it has aided me in being well equipped with valuable experience that would help me once I enter the professional life after the completion of my studies. During the month of July, August and September 2012, I worked in VIP group of industries as an internee. My association with this company was being a part of the Human Resource Department. It was a great experience for me and it helped me in realizing where my potential lies. What I learnt at VIP Group of Industries over the weeks was how to get along with the people that I have to work with them, building relationships with people, building confidence and improving my communication skills. I also get the knowledge of Marketing and Finance department along the Human Resource.
Experience has taught me responsibility, teamwork and how to handle people in tough social situations. Even though the nature of work was quite basic as an internee, nevertheless I got to see what practical life is. This internship overall has been a great experience. This report gives a profile of VIP group of industries and an insight into the HR Department where I was assigned to work. All the functions and operations of HR department are defined in the report including; recruitment & training & development, compensation & benefit etc. selection, This report also reflects my learning and experiences at VIP group of industry along with my responsibilities and the tasks that I performed.
During the internship it found that Human Resource Department is an important department in an organization which helps to increase productivity, performance of employees, to overcome the problem of fraud, to hire competent persons for the job performance according to their skills, knowledge and experience. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 1 FMAS Last part of the report consists of some recommendations and suggestions that I have given. My proposal would be of great use to VIP Group of Industries and if followed properly, it can increase the performance of employees and finally the VIP Group of Industries performance of the organization itself. Part-I 1. Introduction The name “VIP” emerged on the prospect of Pakistan soon after its inception in the year 1984.
The start was modest with limited space to work and meager resources to cater, but devotion and dedication blended along untiring honest efforts soon flourished to bear the fruits. An honest approach in dealing, with customers, vendors and related agencies, took the group a step ahead and is a vital contributing to its success today. VIP Group of Companies is one of the esteemed manufacturers and private accredited exporter of Fashion wear, Motor bike wears in Pakistan having assets of worth more than PKR 1. 5 billion. The total area of the subjected premises consists of 112 Kanals. VIP Group of Industries captures a wide market and its products are appreciably accepted throughout the Pakistan most popular
Leather Jackets and Leather Shoes are its major products, contributing towards the national economy, export figures range from 20 to 25 billion US dollars annually. It specializes in producing high class Leather product made of superior quality materials and possesses state production facilities in made ups and products for various consumer needs. The company makes use of the latest technical Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 2 FMAS equipment to make sure that each product is original in style and shows exquisite craftsmanship. This is an industry believes in originality as character and quality as foundation. The entrepreneurial spirit of the company seeks constant development, steady progress and outstanding performance. 1. Purpose of Study This report is based on study carried out for the fulfillment of the degree requirement of the Master in business administration (MBA) at the University of Gujrat (UOG). The purpose of the study is to do practical work in field and apply the knowledge of classroom lectures to the real life situations. 1. 2 Scope of Study The scope of my work is focused on the working of Personnel and Human Resource Department. Review Section of this report not only explains department’s working but also flow of work activities among the sections. During the internship, the observation was focused on internal managerial matters of VIP Group of Industries, i. e. work environment, organization structure, decisionmaking process, promotion criteria and all such matters. This research facilitates in SWOT Analysis. 1. Aim and Objectives The aims and objectives of VIP Training Institution (VTI) are to identify the training needs of the industry, offer practical training programme to professional of the wear industry, and provide training advice and guidance to VIP Group of Industries and to help established standards for training which will meet the performance needs in the field and on the job. VTI is dedicated to: Establish courses and in-house training programmes which will meet the specific needs of VIP Group of Industries. VIP Group of Industries Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 3 FMAS Design training material that recognizes the capabilities and specific needs of newly hired employees and those who change their job assignment. Provide refresh and upgrade training for industry personnel in cost effective manner.
In-house basic training programmes are being designed and developed to provide a base level of training which employees require to function in their jobs. VIP Group of Industries recruits men from all across Pakistan. The universities and technical schools do not provide the full range of subject matter necessary for a graduate entering the petroleum industry. It is VTI’s intention to ensure that the individual has an opportunity to obtain this training within his first two years with VIP. In addition to basic training courses, VTI will Organizes in-house technology update seminars. 1. 4 Limitations No matter how efficiently a study is conducted, it cannot be perfect in all respects.
This study was conducted in accordance with the objectives of the study; the study may not include broad explanations of facts and figures due to the nature of the study. Second limitation, which affects the study, is the availability of required data was problem all the documents and files are kept strictly under lock and key due to their confidential nature. Third is the problem of short time period also makes the analysis restricted as one cannot properly understand and thus analyze all the operations of an organization just in six weeks. VIP Group of Industries Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 4 FMAS 2 Overview of the organization 2. 1Brief History 2. 1. 1 Establishment
VIP Group of Industries The name of VIP Group of Industries emerged on the horizon of Pakistan’s Leather industry in 1984, A modest limited financial and other resources available, soon flourished to bear full owing to the determination and dedication of its workers, An honest approach in dealing, with customers, vendors and related agencies, took the group a step ahead and is a vital contributing to its’ success today. At the moment VIP Group of Industries is the leading industrial group of Pakistan, owing assets more than PKR 1. 5 billion. The VIP Group of Industries deals in Textile, Leather wear, Fashion wear, Motor Bike wear and Gloves. 2. 1. 2 Development
With a balanced, efficient and competitive structure, VIP Group of Industries explores and exploits indigenous resources for optimum production of Leather and Fashion wear, besides seeking opportunities abroad. Services of the Company’s highly qualified and skilled expertise in the fields of Leather and Fashion wear are frequently availed by the local and foreign companies. During the last 20 years VIP Group of Industries has grown into a technically and commercially viable organization. 2. 1. 3 Name of Chief Executive Officer (C. E. O) Mr. Imtiaz-ud-Din Dar (Managing Director) Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 5 FMAS 2. 1. 4 Names of Directors VIP Group of Industries Mr. Usman Dar Mr. Umer Dar Mr. Amir Dar Mr. Imran Dar 2. 2. Nature of the organization
VIP Group of Industries leather wears fashion wear and textile as well with tender care and dyed in the brilliant shades of nature adds elegance and magnificence to this world. VIP Group of Industries is a manufacturer of such fabulous products: products that speaks of unparalleled quality and unmatched comfort. VIP Group of Industries specializes in producing high class Leather and fashion wear product made of superior quality materials and possesses state production facilities in made ups and products for various consumer needs. The company makes use of the latest technical equipment to make sure that each product is original in style and shows exquisite craftsmanship.
VIP Group of Industries is a company believes in originality as character and quality as foundation too. The entrepreneurial spirit of the company seeks constant development, steady progress and outstanding performance. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 6 FMAS 2. 3. Business Volume, reward honors & success stories etc. during last 5 years VIP Group of Industries VIP Group of Industries is using the modern technology for improving its ability to discover the Leather and Fashion wears potential in the country. A number of major institutional reforms and improvements have been implemented in all areas of operations enabling the company to take up the challenge of making the organization much efficient.
VIP Group of Industries financial performance has been consistently improving with sustainable growth since the time it became a self-financing Company. Its business volume for the last five years has shown a steady growth as indicated in the schedules given on next page: Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 7 FMAS Business Volume for last Five Years (Quantities) Product Measurement 2006-07 Scale Fashion Wear Leather Wear Motor Bike Wear Gloves Pairs 83,445 86,670 93,234 Suites 92,004 77,412 93,236 Pieces 161,534 217,927 Suites 120,456 154,870 2007-08 2008-09 VIP Group of Industries 200910 201011 212,900 215,445 224,876 245,537 274,006 277,408 90,314 101,322 91,889 92,917 Textile Bundles 11,038 11,998 10,989 10,859 11,890 Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080)
Page 8 FMAS VIP Group of Industries Business Volume for last Five Years (US $) Product Measurement 2006-07 Scale Fashion Wear Leather Wear Motor Bike Wear Gloves Pairs 62,58,375 Suites Pieces Suites 60,22,800 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 80,53,240 117,09,500 118,49,475 128,17,932 323,06,800 435,85,400 491,07,400 548,01,200 554,81,600 276,01,200 232,23,600 279,70,800 270,94,200 303,96,600 65,86,920 70,85,784 71,67,342 72,47,526 Textile Bundles 44,15,200 47,99,200 46,15,380 46,15,075 50,53,250 Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 9 FMAS The Net sales & other revenues for the last five years are as under: VIP Group of Industries (In million US $)
YEARS Net Sales Revenue 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 76. 65 85. 05 100. 4 105. 6 111 2. 3. 1. Reward honors & success stories during last 5 year ? 2007 VIP Group of Industries achieved large growth in profits and business in 2007. This industry showed a marked growth in assets and equity by 8. 4% and 11% respectively. ? 2008 VIP Group of Industries achieved a substantial increase of 84% in its net operating income and 45% in its net income similarly total assets increased by 10. 5%. ? 2009 VIP Group of Industries won the third prize of best exporter in Sialkot and awarded by Chamber of Commerce & Industry Sialkot (CCIS). Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080)
Page 10 FMAS ? 2010 VIP Group of Industries VIP Group of Industries won the first prize for its commitment to the best international standards in the area of corporate governance in the industrial sector and its effective contribution to the development. ? 2011 VIP Group of Industries won the second prize of best exporter in Sialkot and awarded by Chamber of Commerce & Industry Sialkot (CCIS). 2. 4. Product Line In the product line of VIP Group of Industries, the following are its products by which it is earning profits: 2. 4. 1 Leather Jackets Leather jackets of the organization are very fine quality which is demanded all over the world immensely.
Its demand is greater in Europe and America. 2. 4. 2 Leather Glove Leather gloves are average used but these are very useful to many sectors such as Gardening, Strong electric wires cutting, weight lifting etc. It helps to keep safe hands skin which is badly harmed by using these instruments in these fields without using gloves. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 11 FMAS 2. 4. 3 Rexene Gloves VIP Group of Industries Rexene gloves are the highly used in nowadays. It used for the bike driving, to keep hands warm in winter and also for fashion use. Rexene gloves are less costly hence its demand is greater. 2. 4. 4 Track Suites Track Suites are widely used in the world.
People use it for their teams to demonstrate themselves from other, also use for jogging and some people consider it as night dress. 2. 4. 5 Motor Bike Dresses Motor bike dresses are used for the purpose of racing which held in foreign countries. These dresses protect the driver/racer from injury which sometimes occurs due to accidents. 2. 4. 6 Leather Shoes Leather shoes are very important accessory in some industries. These are widely used in chemical industry because it helps to keep feet safe from any accident or disaster. 2. 4. 7 Casual Shoes Casual shoes are also known as fashion shoes. Today’s youth is too much interested in these shoes.
These shoes are produce to fulfill the demand of youth. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 12 FMAS 2. 4. 8 Fashion Wears VIP Group of Industries It is the world of fashion. Everyone wants to look stylish and try to demonstrate himself from others. For this purpose fashion wears are produced and its demand is very high. 2. 5. PESTL Analysis 2. 5. 1 Political Environment: Government encourages a sound exporting industry because it would help to generate profit not only for the industry but also for the country. But unfortunately the inconsistency in govt. policies due to instable govt. is causing many problems in industries rules which can change after intervals. 2. 5. Economic Environment: Economically the VIP Group of Industries is contributing in the shape of providing employment to thousands of people in the country and has become the source of earning for many families. Pakistan has gained too much aid due to different crises that is quite favorable if it is being used in creating for developmental projects but the profit rate is not according to needs. This industry can now better contribute in the profit generation for the country as well by exporting. 2. 5. 3 Social Environment: The social environment is always favorable as industry does not have any side effects on the society and most people have good faith in the industry and think that their valuables would be better saved.
Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 13 FMAS 2. 5. 4 Technological Environment: VIP Group of Industries The technological environment is quite favorable for the industry as it provides new and efficient machinery that helps a lot in making the process fast and reduces the chance of error. The progress in the computer industry is favorable for the organization as nowadays most of the working is on computers which are getting promoted so it is very favorable. 2. 5. 5 Legal Environment: The legal environment is also favorable for the Organization. It is according to the principles of law and is quite favorable for the employees, customers and owners as well.
This industry is registered as VIP Group of Industries. 2. 6. Contribution development of organization toward economic VIP Group of Industries is an organization which all policies, products and services are being operated on the basis of ISO 9001, ISO 9002, OHSAS 18000, SA 14000, SEDEX. This is very beneficial for the society and for the economic development. In all over the world exporting is a very sensitive business. It plays a very important role in the economy of the country and it plays a significant role in the world of globalization and economy. It facilitates and influences economic activities including resource mobilization, poverty reduction, and production of products.
So by keeping these all factors in mind VIP Group of Industries is playing a very important role in the economy by providing the best commodities, products which are accepted by people and its customers are very satisfied that they are using or consuming best quality of the product. This organization is providing jobs to lot of people, it is best utilizing its resources in order to generate profits on fair basis and it has a clear and crystal audit system that assures its commitment to ISO 9001, ISO 9002, OHSAS 18000, SA 14000, SEDEX. This Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 14 FMAS Organization also provides training facility that is contributing a lot in rising up the standards of living for even middle class people. It also provides loan to its employees without any mark up or interest. It also works for the benefits of its employees by making pensions, medical facility etc.
When the size of organization increases, employment increases and it has a positive effect on labor class, money goes to the homes of people and consumption increases. VIP Group of Industries Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 15 FMAS 3. Organizational Structure 3. 1 Organizational VIP Group of Industries Hierarchy Chart Chairman Directors Company Secretary Chief Staff Officer G. M Admin Manager Admin Corporate HR Manager (Finance/ Accounts) Marketing General Managers Assistant Managers Information Technology General Managers Managers Production & Procurement General Managers Managers General Managers Managers Manager HR Asst. Manager HR Performance Evaluator Salaries Maintainer Attendance Maintainer Chief Account Officers Area Sales Manager Sales Promoters
Chief Engineers Principle Engineers Senior Engineers Junior Engineers Senior Supervisors Supervisors Senior Account Officers Account Officers Finance/ Account Sections Corporate Staff Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 16 FMAS 3. 2. Number of Employees VIP Group of Industries VIP Group of Industries in Pakistan was having 3 factories but now it has established one more so the number of total factories in Pakistan has increased from 3 to 4. It has a huge number of employees now. According to my information that I could get this organization have now almost 4,500 employees. This number was not that big before establishing new factory. 3. 3. Main Offices Head Office, Rahim Pur Khichian, Saydpur Road Sialkot. Pakistan ? Zonal Office, Plot No. 384, Sector 7/A, Industrial Area, Karachi, Pakistan ? Capital Road, Ghorey wali Khangah, Sialkot, Pakistan ? New York Office, 82-96 Country Pointe Circle, NY-11427, USA Beside of these above it also have some sub units in Sialkot and premises of Sialkot. 3. 4. Introduction of all departments VIP Group of Industries have 8 main departments which include Admin, HR department, Marketing department, Account & Finance department, Information Technology department, Production department, Export & Import department, Security department. Sample merchandising, leather rocurement, leather cutting, lining cutting, leather matching, screen printing, fusing, gloves unit, touching, alteration, spray, finishing, packing etc. are the sub departments of production department. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 17 FMAS 3. 4. 1. Admin Department VIP Group of Industries Admin department deals with the top management decision making of the organization. They make organizational strategies and structure of organization and implement these strategies within the organization. 3. 4. 2. Human Resource Department Human Resource Department relates with the recruiting, selecting of employees and give them training for enhancing their performances.
It also conducts Internal Audit to evaluating the organization’s activities with the help of International Standards. Human Resource department also maintain the attendance & salaries of the employees and also evaluating their performances. 3. 4. 2. 1. Maintenance of personnel files As we have mentioned above that every section is related to the concerned department. So whenever any new employees recruit VIP group of industries, the concerned section maintained this personnel record from the first day. All employees have their own personal file in personnel department. 3. 4. 2. 2. Correspondence The personnel department also maintained the record of each employee for promotion, the minimum time for promotion is five years.
So at the end of every year they check the record of each employee, his ACR (Annual Confidential Report), experience qualification etc. Similarly if any employee want to leave more than 48 days which are Official than concerned department will approval them and send to the personnel section. In short any type of personal problem or work will maintain in his personal files with personnel department. It’s called correspondence. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 18 FMAS 3. 4. 3. Accounts & Finance Department VIP Group of Industries This department deals with different financial issues of the organization. It is one of the important department that keeps the financial record of the organization and provides information regarding the current position of the organization.
It provides information related to daily transactions, tells about the financial inflows and that how much have financial outflows in the organization and vice versa. 3. 4. 4. Marketing Department Marketing department deals with the expansion of market and also with the products. This department is cause to increase the sales level of the organization. Marketing department deals with the capture of the market by using the marketing strategies and techniques. 3. 4. 5. Export & Import Department Export and Import department is important department of the organization. it deals with the products which cab be exported or imported. It also helps to reducing cost of the product and increasing the quality as well.
This department plays an important role to increasing the sales as well. 3. 4. 6. Information Computer Technology Information technology department plays significant role in organization. All the software which are used to making transactions, data entry etc. are invented by the software engineers. All of the difficulties which occur day by day with the changing of technology can be tackle by the Information technology department. 3. 4. 7. Procurement Department Procurement department is the substitute name of purchase department. It deals with the purchases of the organization. Store rooms give requisition to Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 19 FMAS rocurement department and then this department make purchases according to need of the organization. 3. 4. 8. Leather Procurement Department Leather procurement department deals with the purchases of leather which are required to use. This department is much effective and efficient regard to the purchasing of leather at lower prices but having good quality. 3. 4. 9. Sample Merchandising Department Sample merchandising department refer to the sample product which is used to attract the customer or to attain the shipment order. It is not considered as finished product, it sends to next department to make it finished product after completion. 3. 4. 10. Sample Production Room
VIP Group of Industries Sample production room is the next department of the sample merchandising department because this room makes the product as finished product. Without this department the samples could not be completed. 3. 4. 11. Production Planning & Control (PPC) Production planning & control department deals with the production planning that which products should be produced. These planning of production derived from the marketing department. 3. 4. 12. Production Merchandising Department Production merchandising department deals with the semi-finished products. It might be said that it deals with the raw material which is used for production.
It may be called as store rooms. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 20 FMAS 3. 4. 13. Production Department VIP Group of Industries Production department relates with the production on the product to make it finished product. This is next department of the Production merchandising department. 3. 4. 14. Pattern Department Pattern department deals with the patterns of the products. Patterns are the board/card cutting for the product which is used to cutting of the product to reducing the wastages and making best measurement of product. 3. 4. 15. Leather Cutting Department Leather cutting department relates with the cutting of the leather to making leather products.
It takes patterns of the leather product and then used them for the cutting of the leather. 3. 4. 16. Lining Cutting Lining is used inner side or the leather product such as Leather Jackets, Gloves etc. It uses the fabric of sensitive nature for this purpose. It requires special care for the cutting of lining. 3. 4. 17. Screen Printing Department Screen printing department refers to the making designs on the product such as logo, picture, signs, slogans etc. for this purpose some screen patterns required and these patterns are made by this department itself. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 21 FMAS 3. 4. 18. Fusing Department VIP Group of Industries
Fusing Department refers to the sticking the buckram in the products to keep it strong. These buckrams increase the reliability of the product. 3. 4. 19. Gloves Unit Gloves unit is another department relates with the production. In this department all kind of gloves can manufacture. It manufactures leather gloves, Rexene Gloves, Wool Gloves etc. 3. 4. 20. Spray Department Spray department is used to giving the different colors to the products to making it attractive with the colors which are good. Mostly spray department is used for to coloring of raw material. 3. 4. 21. Touching Department Touching department deals with the correction of defects.
When leather jackets, gloves etc are defected by minor holes then touching department fill them with the glue and then spray on it by relevant color. 3. 4. 22. Over lock Department Over lock department is used to making stitching of the products possible and effective. With the usage of over lock the stitches can be open or ruined after the using of product. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 22 FMAS 3. 4. 23. Finishing Department VIP Group of Industries Finishing department makes the production at its possible level to reach at using stage. Without finishing department the product cannot be completed. This department makes the product possible using for end user. 3. 4. 24. Quality Control Department (QC)
When the products get completed then these are checked by Quality Control Department. This department makes sure that the products which are produced are of good quality or not. 3. 4. 25. Packing Department When the production gets completed and processed by QC department then it forward for packing. Packing department is used to make sure that the product is fully completed and in form of to sell or proceed. 3. 4. 26. Transport Department Transport department deals with the daily transport vehicles. They keep the records of transports, how much they require, how much are in use, which driver uses which vehicle etc. 3. 4. 27. Security Department
VIP Group of industries has its own security department and all the security guard which they have are their own employees. Duo to having the assets of billions it has danger of any disaster so for this sake it has its own Security System and CCTV cameras. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 23 FMAS 3. 5. Comments on Organizational Structure VIP Group of Industries An organizational structure includes the activities such as the allocation of the task, coordination and supervision that are directed towards achieving the aims and goals of the organization. Basically it includes the objectives on which the organization works and the methods or strategies to achieve these objectives and also the style of working.
It is considered beneficial for both the employees and the customers as well. In this perspective VIP Group on industries is having clear and defined objectives and it has recruited its staff on the basis of merit and capabilities. It has allocated different responsibilities on the basis of talent, experience and interests of employees. It also provides career opportunities to its employees and besides this it gives them employee benefits in the shape of medical allowances, bonuses, petrol expenses for higher staff and such other facilities to its employees. So the employees are much satisfied and turnover rate of employees is very low in this organization.
As far as the satisfaction of the customers is concerned so this organization has provided full rights to its customers to complain in any matter they are having problems. The employees are trained in a manner that is quite satisfactory for the customers and the number of customers in increasing day by day. The internal structure of the organization is on the basis of ISO 9001, ISO 9002, OHSAS 18000, SA 14000 & SEDEX policies and conditions. This 0rganization is adopting new technology according to current needs in order to efficiently and effectively competes with today’s international market. There is proper check and balance on the operations and activities of the Organization to assure quality.
The organizational structure is very favorable for the stakeholders, employees, customers and society as a whole. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 24 FMAS Part-II 4. Internee Work 4. 1. Brief introduction of office VIP Group of Industries I have done my six weeks internship in VIP Group of industries near Allied Public School, Saydpur Road, Sialkot. VIP Group on industries is having two factories in Sialkot. It’s having very neat and clean building with the beautiful interior decoration. Mr. Abdul Sattar is the Human Resource Manager recently and he is very intelligent and talented person with high qualification and he has the ability to work under pressure.
Beside of this all the staff is very corporative and professional. They all are performing duties very efficiently and they achieve their given tasks effectively. As it’s a very huge organization so its number of employees is also large, It has 1700 employees including manager and has twelve office boys and almost thirty guards. I was given a chance to work mostly with Mr. Abdul Sattar who is Human Resource manager. I had also worked with Mr. Muhammad Umar who is the Assistant Manager Human Resource here. Mostly I was worked with these two people but I had also worked with Mr. Muhammad Wahab. All the staff was very inspiring, supportive and gentle to me.
They all made me to learn a lot and helped me in utilizing my time effectively and efficiently. I was joined VIP Group of industries on 27 th of July, 2012 and worked there till 12th of September, 2012. It was a great experience of my life and I had learned a lot there under kind supervision of its managers and staff. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 25 FMAS 4. 2. Detail of Supervisors VIP Group of Industries ? On 1st week of my internship I was worked under kind supervision of Mr. Abdul Sattar who is Human Resource manager. He made me learn the basics of Human Resource Department and I worked with him two weeks. ? Mr. Muhammad Omar is the Assistant Human Resource Manager. In my 2nd, 3rd and 4th week of internship I worked with Mr.
Muhammad Omar and learned things related to Human Resource activities. He has been too much supportive and he told me everything Cleary. ? Mr. Muhammad Shahid is production Manager. In my 3rd and 4th week of internship Mr. Muhammad Shahid guides me to conducting JD and JS. ? Mr. Rizwan Mir is the Marketing Manager. In my 3rd and 4th week of internship Mr. Rizwan Mir guides me to conducting JD and JS. ? Mr. Muhammad Wahab is salaries & Attendance maintainer in VIP Group of Industries. In my 5th and 6th week I worked with him and learned the basics of the salaries and attendance maintaining which are used for the appraisal. ? Mr. Muhammad Amir Dar is Director. I got information about the history of organization.
I also got organizational information from establishment to current situation. ? Mr. Muhammad Imran Dar is Director. I got information about the history of organization. I also got organizational information from establishment to current situation. ? Mr. Muhammad Haseeb is Export Manager. I got information about the exports of the organization and got some information about imports too. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 26 FMAS 4. 3. Weekly Timetable Date Week 1st: 27th July to 3rd August VIP Group of Industries Activities Name of Department and Supervisor Human Department (Mr. Abdul Sattar) Resource I learned the introduction of this department and I got an idea of Human Resource department hat what actually it is, including the conduction of interview, Job Job Description, Specification, Overviewing the Internal Audit. Then I was told about the documentation required for each of the case. I was told for the terms and conditions for applying these all things. Week 2 nd Human Department Resource In this week I have learnt that how to implement all the factors which I had learnt in previous week. 4th August to 10th August (Mr. Muhammad Umar) Week 3rd & 4th 11th August to Human 26th Department Resource Mr. Muhammad Umar sends me to storeroom, procurement department, August (Mr. Muhammad Umar) Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 27 FMAS
VIP Group of Industries production department, Marketing department to making Job Descriptions (JD) of their employees and also for making Job Specification (JS) by asking their employees which helps to evaluate their performances. Week 3rd & 4th 11 th Production Department to 26 th In these weeks Mr. August (Mr. Muhammad Shahid) Muhammad Shahid tells me that what are the job responsibilities of the August each employee in this department and also tells about his own responsibilities which are assigned perform Marketing Department (Mr. Rizwan Mir) aware to then me him he to also the about minimum qualifications, experiences etc. of the employees. Mr.
Rizwan Mir also tell me about the job responsibilities and the minimum qualifications and experiences of the employees. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 28 FMAS Week 5th & 6th 27th August to Human 13th Department Resource In these weeks I have learnt that how to record and how to maintain the records of the Human Resource activities. Mr. Muhammad Wahab also maintains attendance of employees of the VIP Group of Industries September (Mr. Muhammad Wahab) organization which helps to evaluate that which employees are regular and punctuate with their jobs. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 29 FMAS 4. 4. Detail Description on Departments 4. 4. 1. Admin Department VIP Group of Industries
Admin department deals with the top management decision making of the organization. They make organizational strategies and structure of organization and implement these strategies within the organization. Record of company’s assets General Manager Admin and Manager Admin are engaged to make records of the company’s whole assets which are used in current situation and which are not used. They also make records that how many assets purchased and how many sells, and also make record that from where the assets are purchased and to whom the old assets sold. Insurance of assets All the assets of the organization including the window glass, door, chairs etc they are all insured.
This insurance is made by the Managers Admin and making sure that in future if any disaster occurs then the organization recover its loss. Organizational strategies Without the help of organizational strategies neither a single organization runs efficiently for a longer period of time. Admin department is also engaged in to making organizational strategies to achieve the long term goals. These organizational strategies also help to other departments to make their own strategies. These all strategies are dependent on each other but mainly on organizational strategies. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 30 FMAS Controlling overall organizational activities VIP Group of Industries
Every department is liable to perform or control its own departmental activities. But the Admin department is the only department who oversees the activities of the whole organization including all the departments. Admin department is the top management who leads and controls the whole organization. The other duties of the Admin department are also as under: ? Acceptance of requisites by other departments to fulfill their demands. ? Leading to all departments. ? Following the instructions of the Chairman and Directors. 4. 4. 2. Human Resource Department Human Resource department relates to the recruiting, selecting of employees and give them training for enhancing their performances.
It also conducts Internal Audit to evaluating the organization’s activities with the help of International Standards. Human Resource department also maintain the attendance & salaries of the employees and also evaluating their performances. Maintenance of personnel files As it is mentioned before that every section is related to the concerned department so whenever any new employee recruits in VIP group of industries, the concerned section maintained this personnel record from the day of joining. All the employees of organization have their own personal file in personnel department of this organization. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 31 FMAS Correspondence VIP Group of Industries
The personnel department also preserved the record of each employee for promotion; the minimum time for promotion is three years. Hence at the end of every year they check the record of each employee, his Annual Confidential Report, experience, qualification etc. If any employee want to leave more than 35 days which are Official than concerned department will approve them and send to the personnel section. In short any type of personal problem or work will maintain in his personal files with personnel department is called correspondence. Interviews Personnel department also conducting interviews of the new effective and efficient applicants which are applying for the jobs or which are asking by the relevant department for recruit.
Interviews which are conducting most of the cases used structured interviews in which questions are already written on a piece of paper but in some cases unstructured interviews are also conducting. Attendance & Salary Maintenance This department also maintains the attendance of all core employees of the organization. Every employee has his own card which is swapped by them in the machine which is fixed at the entrance of the organization. This machine automatically makes attendance of the relevant employee but on officer of this department make sure that the employee is present and his card swapped by himself. With the help of attendance maintainer officer the salaries of the employees are also make possible. Internal Audit Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 32 FMAS
External audit is conducting by Audit Associations which are minimum qualified to CA or ACCA. But beside of these the internal audit is conducted by Human Resource Manager. It helps to attract the investors, creditors, customers, public and all other stakeholders toward the organization. Audit report helps to clarify that the balance sheets and the other factors are appropriate, coorect and well maintained. Recruitment & Selection Recruitment & Selection is the main feature and duty of Human Resource department. Human resource department is engaged in HR planning by which it is determined that how many employees are exists and how much needs more for current and future.
When there is shortage of employees then Human resource department make process of recruitment to generate pool of applicants and then select competent employees from that pool. Recruitment types 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Regular Contract Basis Trainees – Special Trainees Hiring through Contractor Classified appointment VIP Group of Industries Training & Internship It is not necessarily that an applicant who did well in the recruitment exercise is also best in performing an organization’s functions. New employees need orientation and socialization into the Company’s environment and can also improve some ineffectiveness that new employees might have in relation to their skills. This is the determination of placing them on internships or trainings.
Training is also important for labor and members of staff who have been working in the organization for a long time. This is especially in the Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 33 FMAS increasing of technological advancements, legal changes and fluctuations in service delivery. It is necessary for the company to keep up with industry’s trends otherwise it faces the risk of becoming outdated; especially in the situation of increasing competition among the industries. Evaluation VIP group of industries performance of the employees is evaluated on the basis of what the company expected from them. The high level management evaluates performances. Top level management sees how the employee is performing his assigned positions.
It is done through observing and comparing the outcomes of the organization with the expected outcomes. The results of evaluation are used in driven of employee inside the organization or outside the organization which refers to promotion and fired of employee. Career planning Career planning is basically career path and career development. Career planning section is under the control of HR manager. It informs the employees of VIP group on industries about their future planning that what they perform their duty and also they prescribed to the employees their operational set up. It informs employees that what they will do after 5 years and 10 years.
Performance appraisal Annually performance reviews are quite critical. Organizations are very busy to find good reasons why they cannot give an hour long meeting once a year to ensure the common needs of the employee and organization are being met or not. Performance review help overseers to feel more honest in their relationship with the subordinates and feel better about themselves in their supervisor roles. Subordinates should assure clear understanding of expectations from them, their VIP Group of Industries Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 34 FMAS own personal strong point and areas for development and a rational sense of their relationship with overseers.
Avoiding performance issues eventually reduces morale, reduce credibility of management, decreases the organizations overall effectiveness & efficiency and wastes more of management’s time to do what isn’t being done properly. The system of employee score performance also having a useful influence on effective performance appraisals in organization. The reliability and accuracy of any scoring system rises with full detail and best skills with examples for each score band. This provides everyone the same scientific points and reduces subjectivity. Performance appraisal process The process of performance appraisal usually consists of four related steps which are as follows: ? Establish a common understanding between the evaluator and employee regarding work expectations, mainly the work to be completed and how the work is to be evaluated. Current evaluation of performance and the progress over work expectation provisions should be made for the regular feedback to clarify and change the goals and expectations, to rectifying unacceptable performance before it becomes too late, and to reward for excellent performance with proper praise and recognition in organization. ? Formal records of performance through the accomplishment of a performance and development appraisal form useful to the job. ? The formal performance and development appraisal debate, based on the accomplished appraisal form and finishing in the building of a development plan. VIP Group of Industries Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 35 FMAS Handling of Personnel Matters VIP Group of Industries
HR department also deals with the complaints of the combats arising from the working conditions or from the decision made by the lower level managers and supervisors. Normally grievances arise when a worker feels that he has been neglected for promotion, is not getting a fair share of overtime or is being asked to work too much overtime. Such problems are first of presented to direct supervisor of the employee, if he is unable to resolve, then the problem goes to manager of that department and if even then the issue is not settled, then it is presented to human resource manager, who discuss the problem with director and tries to reach to solution of problem.
Improvement of organizational culture The HR department can try to improve organizational culture by discover out what makes ups or what the company’s culture is seem. Human Resource should also be very concentrated on the organizational requirements. Here HR should recognize that personal fulfillment works better and hence should try to ensure that the change is relevant to every staff member. HR also explains to staff members and the stakeholders of the organization the advantages of converting the culture. With the help of this everyone should be clear so that all can see the advantages of this not only to organizational level but also to individual level then HR should try to remove all embarrassments in staff member’s minds.
Employee Old Age Benefit Investment (EOBI) Human resource department is also maintains the records of the employee old age benefits which helps them to get the benefits after the retirement of them. In simple words it might said that it maintains the pension of the employees which are provided them or their families. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 36 FMAS Social Security VIP Group of Industries Social security used to provide medical facilities to the employees and their families as well. Labor force sometime cannot afford the medical expenses of their families then this social security helps them to cure themselves and their families from the diseases.
Accommodation Accommodation is also provided to employees of the organization but not to every employee. This accommodation is mostly provides to managers. To whom the accommodation is provided to motivate him toward his job is the duty of the human resource department. 4. 4. 3. Account & Finance Department Details of Accounts: This department deals with multiple financial issues of the organization. It is one of the important departments that keeps the financial record of the organization and provides information regarding the current position of the company. It provides information related to daily transactions, tells about cash inflows and outflows that how much have come in the organization and how much goes and vice versa.
The accountant is responsible for the following duties on daily basis: ? First of all Voucher Checking with the validation listing printout is being done. That printout is being kept in the file and record is saved in files. In case of any confusion concerning the transactions that print helps a lot and provides valid information to evaluate. These Vouchers are also checked by the Finance Manager for the supervision purpose. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 37 FMAS ? Ensuring the reliability of input data is also necessary and then it is approved by authority limits this is verifies by checking the system generated validation against vouchers, to check that all the transactions are input in the correct codes. After completion of input vouchers and by putting them in its register, the accountant is supposed to make it checked by the Finance Manager and get those vouchers signed by manager for the purpose of confirmation as if there is any mistake that could be sort out. Then by the final checking the register of vouchers is kept in evidence cabinet for safe custody. ? It is also the responsibility of the accountant to ensure that total count of voucher is matched with the posted voucher authentication listing. ? All the information is also saved on hard disk as well as on CD for monthly back up. And on CD and hard disk there is written monthly transactions. ? One of the most important tasks is to settlement of cash balances and non-cash balances as per proof with the balances as per trial balance.
After intervals the organizational statement is matched with the bank statement and then it make sure that all the money which transferred to bank is correctly recorded. There are two main tables that are made on settlement form. In the first table, “we debit they don’t credit” is written and in this table we write the transactions with the date, receipt number, name and amount of those transactions that are being debited from our side but bank has not credited. In 2nd table “we credit they don’t debited” transactions are being written in form. Here those transactions are being written that are credited by our side but bank has not debited it.
In these tables accountants match the transactions by the help of our and bank’s statements and clear the transactions that have been done by both sides and VIP Group of Industries Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 38 FMAS entre those transactions that are to be done by any of the one. If the transactions are not noticed for more than 2 or 3 days then they personally contact each other and ask them to make the transaction rectifying and clear. Financial forecasting Finance managers are responsible to forecast that how much finance is required in future prospect. They also guide the procurement department that from where they make purchases to reducing cost and increasing good quality.
Finance managers also work to minimizing the cost and on the contrary maximizing the profit of the organization. VIP Group of Industries 4. 4. 4. Marketing Department Marketing department is engaged in to increase the sales of the organizational product all over the world. VIP group of companies have 4 marketing managers according to the different products. They classified according to the regions and the products in which they are specialized. Marketing Mix By marketing mix of an organization it means, what company offers to the customers and potential customers i. e. company’s products, what price it charges for the product. How the product reaches to customers and how company promotes its product.
One can simply understand that all this depends upon the product, company is offering and nature of the organization itself. Making Marketing strategies Marketing managers are engaged to make marketing strategies. These strategies helps to the marketing department that which products should Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 39 FMAS produce, how to produce, how to compete with rivals, for how much longer period of time these should be applicable, how to sell etc. Product Efficiency Marketing department is busy to increase the efficiency of the product which should be highly demanded by the customers to fulfill their desires. Due to the high competition it’s hard to differentiate the product with competitors, but the marketing managers of VIP group of industries are ery skilled and efficient that they differentiate their product effectively. Product Extension Marketing department is also engaged in to make product extension. Because of the dynamic environment the demands of the customers change day by day hence it is necessary to make extension in the product which is used to fulfilling the demands of the customers. Marketing Forecasting It is also the duty of the marketing managers to forecast the future demands of the existing and potential customers and also the products which are useful to customer and organization too. Forecasting helps to increasing the business, profit and also capturing the marketing in their favor.
Market Extension Marketing managers are also evaluating that in which markets should be entered with the existing market too. With the extension of the market it is easy to enhance the market capabilities and also to expand the business with a potential profit. Marketing managers segment the market and then target it with the few products to evaluate that these products should be acceptable. VIP Group of Industries Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 40 FMAS Evaluating Need, Want and Demand of customers VIP Group of Industries Marketing managers are also evaluating the needs, wants and demands of the customers. These assessments or evaluation help the managers to determine which products should be produce to fulfill the demands of customers.
With the fulfillment of customers demand it gives the chances to capture the marketing and compete with the competitors. 4. 4. 5. Production Department Production department is associates with the production of product from raw material to finished good. Production department is the main department by which the other departments are having some importance. Cutting of Material Cutting department is separate department but it might be said that cutting department is sub-department of the production department. Cutting department get the pattern of the product from pattern department and then make cutting possible according to the pattern of the product. With the help of pattern the wastage of raw material decreases and efficiently cut the raw material.
All the parts of the material should be numbered by numbering department. These numbers helps to determine that which piece is assemble with the other one. These numbers make the assembling effective and easy. Leather Cutting Leather cutting is little bit tough than the other cuttings hence the leather cutting is separately used. Leather cutting is the hard task to perform. With the minor inaccurate cut, the whole product is become waste. For the leather cutting it require the special care and for this purpose most efficient labor requires. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 41 FMAS Lining VIP Group of Industries Lining is used inside the leather and Rexene products. Without lining the product is useless.
It is the sensitive fabric which is used to making product effective, and useful. Beside of it, there is also use buckram in the products which increases the reliability of the products and makes them useful for the longer period of time. Supervisors oversee all these activities and guide the labor; on the other hand production manager supervises the supervisor and all the activities. Touching Touching department is also the sub-department of production department. Touching department is used to rectifying or concealing the defects which occurs with the product. Any minor defect or whole which can be covered is rectifying with the glue and then colored it with the relevant color.
Stitching When all the pieces cut effectively and efficiently then they assembles, and this assembling is make possible with the help of stitching department which is another sub- department of production department. All the pieces are numbered which helps to stitching department that which piece assembled with which one. Over lock Over lock is another sub department of production department. When the product is well stitched then it transferred to over lock department which over locking the stitches of the product which increases the efficiency and reliability of the product. Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 42 FMAS Quality control VIP Group of Industries
When the production is made then the product transferred to Quality check department who evaluate the product and check the quality of the product and reliability also. If any product or piece seems damaged then it returned to the relevant department to make it again. Only good quality products are preferred. Packing When the product is completed and go through the all the department and also approved by the Quality control/Quality check department then it transferred to packing department. Packing department make sure that the packing is effective. This effective packing is also the source to attract the customers. 4. 4. 6. Information Technology Department
Information technology department is used to making softwares of the organization and also engaged in the maintenance of these softwares. At the entrance of VIP group of industries is machine in which the employees swap their card and then enter in the organization. This software is also made by the IT engineers of this organization. They also make the data entry software of the organization of multiple types. Maintenance of Software Engineers of information technology are engaged in the maintenance of the softwares of the VIP group of industries which are made by them. Information technology is the complex issue and it requires special care. Protect software from hacking Software engineers also work for the protection of the software of this organization.
Every organization has its privacy but due to the highly usage of information technology and its increasing awareness the threats of hacking Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 43 FMAS increases hence engineers of information technology helps to protect it from hacking. Development of software Engineers of information technology are also make searches for development of new software which is useful for the organization. They also interlinked the whole organizational computers with one hub. This networking helps to recover data from the other computer in case of any loss of computer. Maintenance of computers Engineers of information technology also make possible the maintenance of the organizational computer and also protect them from the viruses.
They not only maintain the computers but also the other accessories of the computers. VIP Group of Industries 4. 5. Detailed description of the tasks assigned to me: I worked in VIP group of industries six weeks and during this time period I was given a chance to go through all the departments in the organization except security. My 1st two weeks were spent in Human Resource Department and as the details of Human Resource have been discussed earlier. I was given multiple tasks to perform during these two weeks. Initially I was given the complete introduction of this department. In the first week I was told to just get information of Human Resource department that what HR actually is and what are the task they perform.
I was given by the previous internal audit reports, studied the labor laws, go through with the organizational restrictions and rules of behavior with employees who are given by international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 9002, OHSAS 14000, SEDEX, SA 18000 etc. Human resource activities are Raheeb Anjum (11022720-080) Page 44 FMAS done for evaluation of employees and recruitment also. Details of them have been told earlier in weekly timetable. In this department the most crucial part is the documentation and I was given many sets of attendance forms, employment forms to fill correctly and carefully. I filled almost 20 to 30 sets of employment forms and almost 10 files of attendance. Employment documents include Appointment as contractual, core employee, part time employee etc. I filled all these documents myself by the guidance of Mr. Abdul Sattar and Mr. Muhammad Omar.
These all documents are quite confidential and one has to be very cautious while filling those documents. Then the 2 nd thing was to complete the files of attendance and job analysis which include JD (Job Descriptions), Approval, Offer Letter, JS (Job Specifications), JE (Job Evaluation). I was asked to complete the file

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