Interdiscriplinary Paper on “Walking” by Henry Davit Thoreau”

Interdiscriplinary Paper on “Walking” by Henry Davit Thoreau, Analyze “walking” by Henry Davit Thoreau. Connect the reading with issues you’ve explored in your major Social work or in another class. For example, what you’ve learned about Adam Smith in economics might illuminate class-oriented reading: what you’ve learned about historical gender roles in a history class could contribute to a gender-oriented approach. You will need to establish your framework and then analyze the literary text from disciplinary perspective.
MUST INCLUDE:This paper will require secondary research and will be 5-7 pages long. 
APA format
Write a letter: The letter is one page letter to the instructor. This should include in the single Microsoft word document that contain your paper, but not included in the paper’s page length. In the letter, please discuss your paper-writing process. Why did your choose your subject? What aspect of your paper are you especially pleased with/concerned about? What were you trying to accomplish with your argument? Are there particular aspects of your writing that you would particularly like feedback on? 

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