Interactive Assignment: SQL Physical Knowledge Share Workspace

The Final Project of this course requires you to identify SQL Statements to build tables in your proposed database. Remember, entities in your conceptual and logical models become tables in your physical model. Attributes in your conceptual and logical models become fields in a table. Each week’s course assignments allow the chance to get feedback from your peer’s as you progress through the sections of the Final Project.
For this Interactive Assignment, you will share and swap knowledge with your instructor and peers on the SQL section of your Final Project. In your post, at minimum, discuss the following with your instructor and peers. Seek their feedback on suggestions to improve your thought direction:

Provide the SQL CREATE TABLE commands for two of the tables in your proposed database.

An example would be:Use AdventureWorks2008
CREATE TABLE Students ([id] int NOT NULL,
[FirstName] nvarchar(50) NOT NULL,
[LastName] nvarchar(50) NOT NULL,           
[HireDate] date NOT NULL,
[EnrolmentDate] date NOT NULL,
[PersonType] nvarchar(30) NOT NULL, Primary key(id))

Include PRIMARY KEY and NOT NULL commands.
Provide the SQL INSERT commands to insert five rows of data into your two tables.

An example would be:Use AdventureWorks2008
INSERT INTO Students (id, FirstName,LastName, HireDate,  
EnrolmentDate, personType)
values (1, ‘Tony’, ‘Greig’, ‘2013-01-03’,
‘2013-01-03’, ‘Student’)
INSERT INTO Students (id,Firstname,Lastname,HireDate,EnrolmentDate, personType)
‘2012-01-03’, ‘Instructor’)
INSERT INTO Students (id,Firstname,Lastname,HireDate,EnrolmentDate, personType)
Values(3,’Your first name’,’Your last name’,’2016-01-03’,‘2016-01-03’, ‘Instructor’)

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