Integer Linear Programming-Problems :Business Decision Analysis

Answer all the problems question NO PLAGIARISM.
Step 1:
For the problems where I have provided the LP model, you still need to program into LINGO and get the output. 

Step 2:
A quick note for LINGO:
If you want to have binary values (0 or 1), then you would use  @BIN( variable_name);
If you want to have integer values, then you would use @GIN( variable_name);

Step 3:
These problems focus on finding solutions to numerical problems. With that in mind, most problem sets will include a number of problems. For each problem, you will need to provide more than a simple numerical response. Your solutions should thoroughly address the issue and present your findings in a meaningful format, similar to those developed within the chapters and as part of the review exercises solutions. Any Excel spreadsheet models developed to solve the problems should be included with your submission. Part value may be assigned for incorrect responses.
 Copy paste (or use screenshots of) :
The model you input to LINGO 
The LINGO output
Sensitivity results from LINGO

Step 4:

Required Content
Anderson, D.R., Sweeney, D.J., Williams, T.A., Camm, J.D., Cochran, J.J., Fry, M., & Ohlmann, J. (2015). Quantitative methods for business. (13th ed.). Mason, Ohio: Cengage Learning.


 You can download LINGO from here: 
LINGO 17 User Manual: 

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