IRB stands for Institutional Review Board.  This is a group of senior administrators/scientists that are responsible for reviewing all research involving people (and test animals). 
When conducting research involving humans (even for something as simple as giving a survey to a group of individuals) you need to be aware of the rules regarding research using human subjects. It is required that individuals conducting research be certified in IRB guidelines (as defined by the federal government).
Your Originality Percentage should be less than 30%.  Submit project in via the designated dropbox.
Research the IRB Guidelines and provide information for the following:
1.  What are the requirements for IRB membership?
2.  What IRBs must be registered?
3.  What information must be provided when registering an IRB?
4.  When must an IRB be registered?
5.  How must an IRB be registered?
6.  When must IRB registration information be renewed or updated?
7.  What is the process of evaluation and disposition of applications and proposals for research to be conducted or supported by a Federal Department or Agency?
8.  What is the IRB’s policy on functions and operations?
9.  What is the IRB’s policy on IRB review of research?
10.  What are criteria for IRB approval of research?
11.  What are general requirements for informed consent?
12.  What are the duties of IRB’s in connection with research involving pregnant women, fetuses, and neonates?
13.  What is the retention period for IRB records?
Provide the Code of Federal Regulations Definitions for the following terms: (Do not provide any definitions other than the Code of Federal Regulations definitions).
      14.   Department or agency head
15.   Institution 
16.  Legally authorized representative
17.  Research 
18.   Research subject to regulation, 
19.   Intervention
20.   IRB
21.   IRB Approval
22.   Minimal Risk
23.   Certification
24.  Human Subject

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