inovation process

this is a group project and our group picked yelp company. my part is to do the yelp’s competitors: dianping, trip advisor, and little red book. here is my parts outline. an i will post our presentation ppt. you can know our project and write my part. 1000 words 
please follow my outline to finish my section of my 

Dianping :     

One of the largest city living consumption guide websites in China. The three-party review mode is mainly for the review of food and beverage entertainment, sharing information platform.
6 promotion methods tailored: Group purchasing ,  coupon,  keywords,  sign in, City link.
Revenue model: commision revenue,  E-commerce, offline services, wireless 

        value added,  online advertising 
Little red book: 

Is a lifestyle platform and consumer decision entry, allows users to post and share product reviews, travel blogs and  lifestyle stories through short videos and photos
Improve user experience by accurately matching big data and artificial

         intelligence content to users interested in it. 

Revenue model: Advertising + e-commerce + value-added services

Trip advisor: 

The world’s leading travel website and providing reviews and recommendations from travellers around the world. Covering hotels, attractions, restaurants, airlines, travel planning and hotel, attractions, and restaurant reservations.
China development strategy.
Identify and block false reviews, identifying and preventing false reviews. 
Revenue model: -Click-based advertising (CPC) & transaction revenues: 63%

                             – Display-based advertising (CPM) & subscription: $282m / $1.2b = 23.7%
                             – Other hotel revenues: $158m / $1.2b = 13.3%