Innovation Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer

Option 1. Research a business related theme from the module scheme of work and produce
an individual academic report. 
Word Count 3000 Words
Option 1 is a research based assessment in which students must familiarise themselves (i.e. reading and reflecting on current journal articles) with a current theme from the module scheme of work. Student will then be required to write an academic report in the form of a journal paper.
The submitted paper must critically debate a current theme and be supported with company examples.
The academic report in the form of a journal paper, excluding appendices, should be 3000 words in length. 
For your guidance, it will consist of:
a) An introduction in which you introduce the theme that you are investigating, clearly emphasising its importance.
b) A detailed methodology of the analytical approach you are taking, demonstrating a critical understanding of managing innovation and technology transfer theme.
c) A section on your findings includes a critical evaluation, detailing the theme selected its implications and company examples. 
d) Conclusions and commercially viable solutions.
e) Throughout the report, you must integrate theory with practice, critically evaluating your findings.
f) All sources must be cited correctly in accordance with the Harvard system of referencing.
Option 1 is intended to give you an opportunity to show that you are capable of applying your knowledge of managing innovation and technology transfer, not only in describing the issue faced by the commercial sector, but also in explaining it and justifying your proposed actions for improvement. 

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