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Prepare a test-case report on any features of your choice which are in Engage. The test case report, which should be at least 8 pages, should have the following:An introduction describing the purpose of Engage in MU community as well as the features that your report will consider for testing. In the introduction, the last paragraph should describe the structure of your test-case report.
A description of the test environment for conducting the tests.
The types of software tests you will consider and their purpose.
10 Test cases (use the template below for each test case).
Exit Criteria – conditions that must be fulfilled to successfully conclude the testing cycle or exercise.
Description of the components in the above the test case template:
Test case # – since you are required to have 10 test cases for each template, just use running numbers e.g. 1 if you are working on the first test case and so forth.

Test case name – state the name of the test case e.g. login with MU ID and password, etc.

Type of test case – this should be either functional or non-functional requirements. You will need to figure this out for each test case since you can now differentiate between functional and non-functional requirements. First start with the functional requirements and then conclude with non-functional requirements.
Test scenario – a list of logical steps that you will perform when conducting each test.
Test data – data that will be used to test the application. For password related data, please do not use your actual passwords or usernames – make up something for purposes of this project. Also don’t use actual personally identically information like phone numbers, addresses, etc.
Expected result – expected behavior or outcome when that test is performed.
Entry Criteria – conditions that must exist for the test to be conducted e.g. the availability of the internet to conduct the test for the login interface, etc.
 You can add additional conditions.

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