Information Security Lab 1

Instruction sheet and cap file attached also. 

For this assignment, you will need to install the WireShark packet analyzer software on your laptop or desktop system. There are packages for both Windows and Apple operating systems. You must have administrator level access. If you do not have access to a system that you can install this software, you must notify me immediately so I can assign you an alternate assignment. You may also install this in a virtual lab environment. 
Review the instructions provided below: 

Install Wireshark
Watch the introduction video
Download the Wireshark Capture File from Moodle titled ISEM550Lab1.cap.
Open the capture file in WireShark, analyze the capture file and only inspect the HTTP protocol.

1. Determine what was being done via the HTTP protocol. Was the user sending an email, browsing a website, uploading a file, etc.? Write a brief summary explaining what the user was doing using the HTTP protocol. 
2. List all file names that you can identify in the trace file. 
Grading Criteria 
The following grading criteria will be used: 
Lab 1 Grading Criteria (Rubric) 

Used supplied capture file 5 Summary explaining what was being done using HTTP 20 
List of files. (at least 5 file names) Submission format followed?