Info Tool II (Digital Dossier)

Background: The amount of personal information available on the Internet is frightening. Anonymous users can discover your name, DOB, place of address (with photo), email address(es), dating profiles, phone number, likes, dislike, family relatives, social media accounts, and photos …the list goes on and on.
Requirements: Using , or other tools (ex. Google), research the information available on yourself. Try to find all of the information listed above (even if some of it might be inaccurate) and make sure to list the sites (URLs) you found it on. If you cannot find a specific information, explain what you tried to do in order to find it. Then, answer these four questions:

What are the advantages and disadvantages (or dangers) of these tools?
Were you aware that this information was online?
Does knowledge of this information on these sites make you vulnerable?
What steps could you take to make this information harder to obtain? (give example of actual, specific steps)

There is no specific number of pages for this assignment. It has to have enough pages to prove your point and to cover all the requirements.

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