Industry Analysis Referral Program

 Market Analysis on Referral programs for businesses. 
   a) Understanding current marketing practices (word of mouth) like examples and research on other referral programs used by other companies. How where they successful, why are they important and how to implement it. 
 c) Provide statistics and successes of other companies implementing a                                 referral program into their marketing. 

Why companies do a referral program
What notable companies uses a referral program
Any studies, stats, data on how companies who implemented a referral program has helped increase their overall profits, engagement, customer gain, customer appreciation, etc.
Customer satisfaction, review, appreciation, retention rates after implementing a referral program.

As a reminder for this report and all of your work, remember to write this out more as a business instruction rather than a school report. This means to provide items to take actions on and the reasoning behind it, rather than just providing studies for similar actions. 
Provide stats graphs, etc. 
5-6 pages double spaced 12 times new roman