Module 1
Please read the two articles and watch one videos in(numbered 1-3) attached below and answer these questions (please write essay answers but make sure you number you responses accordingly): 1. Summarize each video and article – at least 4 paragraphs each video/ article. 2. Questions for the video (2) : What part of India did the African nomads go to? What was the path? Who can perform Hindu rituals? What are oral traditions? What is the “M130” How many “Gods” does India have? Why was it important for Woods to go to Pakistan? Where did the first cities in India form? What time period? How did India form (physically)? What are Monsoons and why are they important? What is Sanskrit? What is a “Ratha” according to Woods? What are Varnas? What is “Brahman”? 3. What are some things about ancient India that you learned about through this module? What new information has been discovered recently that was mentioned in the article readings and video?

The two articles are attached below and the video link for the youtube video is

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Dixie’s Daughter’s Book Quiz Assignment

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PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY Purpose: To write a response to Gloria Anzaldua’s “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” a chapter in her book Borderlands/La Frontera. In your response, you should….