Important types of managerial skills

Important types of managerial skills

(1) Why is trust a vital aspect of a manager’s interpersonal skills? (2) What are the risks of defining problems or opportunities poorly prior to making decisions?

(1) Would you succeed as a manager if you started a company right out of college, without having gained any experience as an employee in another company? Why or why not? (2) How would you rate your conceptual skills? Does “seeing the big picture” come easily to you? If not, how might you improve in this area?

Interpersonal skills are the abilities to communicate with, motivate, and lead others. Technical skills involve the “mechanics” of a particular job, including the administrative skills of project management. Conceptual skills are the abilities to visualize organizations, systems, markets, and solutions—even when they may not exist yet. Decision-making skills include defining problems and opportunities and selecting the best course of action to take in each case.

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