Importance of management and planning?

Importance of management and planning?

1. What is management? Why is it so important?

2. What is forecasting, and how is it related to the planning function?

3. What is the goal of crisis management?

4. How does leadership differ from management?

5. Why are interpersonal skills important to managers at all levels?

  • 6. Why is cognitive intelligence alone insufficient for effective leadership?
  • 7. How do the three levels of management differ?
  • 8. How do autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire leadership styles differ?
  • 9. Why are coaching and mentoring effective leadership techniques?
  • 10.Ethical Considerations. When an organization learns about a threat that could place the safety of its workers or its customers at risk, is management obligated to immediately inform these parties of the threat? Explain your answer.
  • Which would be more difficult to forecast 10 years from now: the number of 60-year-old residents or their average disposable income? Why?

12. What are your long-term goals? Develop a set of long-term career goals for yourself and several short-term objectives that will help you reach those goals. Make sure your goals are SMART

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