Importance and Development of Heritage Tourism in City of Bath (U.K)

This document of dissertation is focused on accessing and analyzing impacts of heritage tourism on inhabitants of an historic city. It gives a brief note on importance of Historic tourism which is otherwise called as heritage tourism. The report initially gives a brief description about the tourism industry and its types. Latter further intensifying the area of focus, it describes the importance of heritage tourism in tourism industry. It explains about the economical and environmental benefits of heritage tourism industry. Few points about potential of heritage tourism in Great Britain were also discussed. Adequate focus is given to broadly classify the industry variables and in what way they shall affect the local resident’s socio-economic life.
Considering the theory of sustainable tourism a primary data samples are collected from local residents of a historic location. This survey is subjective to understand what factors are being responsible for affecting the local residents. After collecting data these factors are classified with respective to the sustainable tourism and are allocated with priority levels that would need attention very immediately.

These factors which are recognized to be a cause of negative impact on local residents are individually studied in reality and analyzed for designing a implementation level strategy which does govern according to sustainable tourism. Practical implementations that are being carried out and strategic concepts that are designed to bring out idealistic environment in the industry are simultaneously discussed. This gives clear picture of reality.
Chapter 1