Implementing and Using Business Information Systems

In this Performance Task Assessment, you will analyze three case studies to demonstrate your ability to partner with information technology (IT) to assess organizational, cultural, and technical contexts and effectively implement and use business information systems. 

Part 1:  Partners Healthcare Systems Case

After reading this case, respond to the following prompts:

Identify key activities and best practices for implementing and managing business information systems based on the “Partners Healthcare System Case.” (1–2 pages)
Identify and explain three to five important risks encountered in implementing business information systems for the “Partners Healthcare System Case.” (1–2 pages)
Identify and explain the use of data resources, processes, and storage systems in the “Partners Healthcare System Case.” (1–2 pages)
Select a resource that the business in the “Partners Healthcare System Case” should implement and explain how the company will benefit from this implementation. Identify three benefits and three risks to the business involved with implementing this resource. (2–3 pages)
Should the company in the “Partners Healthcare System Case” implement cloud based data storage? Defend your position. (1–2 pages)

Part 2:  WestJet Airlines Case

After reading this case, respond to the following prompts:

Describe the aspects of the WestJet IT situation that the CIO assessed to respond to the CEO’s concerns as she evaluated whether or not the company had an adequate IT infrastructure. Explain the importance of these aspects. (1–2 pages)
Summarize and critique Smith’s assessment and offer evidence and arguments that major changes in IT at WestJet were essential and that Smith’s governance model would enable WestJet to achieve its strategic goal. (2–3 pages)

Part 3:  Pinnacle West Case

After reading this case, respond to the following prompts:

Create a PowerPoint presentation containing 5–7 slides with detailed supportive speaker notes. The first slide must present a 3- to 5-point summary of what happens in the “Pinnacle West Case.” The remaining slides must:

Explain the relationship between the organizational structure and business information systems.
Outline the supporting reasons for aligning information systems and business processes.
Evaluate their applicability at Pinnacle West.
Provide a description of the approaches required to implement a process-oriented culture at Pinnacle West.

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