Implementation of the Educational Project with Patient Population

Implementation of the Educational Project with Patient Population

Background: It is now time to implement your evidence-based, health outcome-focused educational project in accordance with your curriculum plan for the identified patient population. Before you begin this implementation, be sure to monitor constraints. These include being on BUDGET and on TIME when delivering the objectives of the project to your targeted patient population. You will develop an evaluation method to accomplish this. As you educate the patient population, be sure to address any CULTURAL or DIVERSITY issues you have identified. Clear, consistent, and coordinated communication is of utmost importance as you deliver your educational project to your identified patient population. Once you have completed the delivery of your educational project, you will begin your analysis of this implementation phase.

Purpose of Summative Assessment 2:

To develop an evaluation method for determining if the project is being implemented on time and within budget and is meeting original project objectives
To deliver or implement your evidence-based patient education curriculum plan and tool(s) developed in the Summative Assessment 1 to the identified patient population
To analyze the implementation phase of the evidence-based patient population education plan

Task 1: Develop a Method for Monitoring Your Progress Against Plan and Analyzing the Implementation Phase of the Educational Project with the Identified Patient Population.

Identify key measures that will help you monitor the project progress of the educational project against the plan you developed in NSG/516ED.