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Immigration Essay Analysis

Immigration Essay Analysis.
Annie Moore the 1st immigrant to ever go through Ellis Island back when it was first opened. After being accepted and given the right to stay and live in the United States she stayed in New York where there was a large hub of Irish immigrants just as herself. After being the first of many to go through the gates at Ellis Island. Supposedly there were around 4 million other Irish folks who left their shores in Ireland to New York. So when she arrived at 1 7 years of age with her brothers Anthony and Philip and her went looking for their parents who were already here at the time.
As she spent more time living there she became more and more American and at one point a citizen. After the 19th Amendment was ratified she was then allowed to vote. All of the women of the United States couldn’t be happier, they were finally given what they had fought for, for a very long time. Alcohol and its abolition was a very important matter at the time. People were all debating whether to get rid of it or too keep it. She then later campaigned for the abolition of alcohol because she was now able to vote she decided to make her vote count and voted for the abolition of alcohol and it later was abolished.
The problem was that since people still wanted it badly a black market for it began and it was the beginning of organized crime. Later as she grew older she got married and the city at the time was very overcrowded and the living conditions weren’t the greatest but they had to cope with it because there was no where else they could live. Also working in the factory that was located on the other side of town she had to travel a lot to work everyday. Not only that but the conditions of work were horrid. The employers didn’t care about their well-being just about the job being done.

Immigration Essay Analysis

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