IDS assignment

Students will introduce themselves to the professor and fellow classmates by writing a 3-4 paragraph (approx. 500-600 words) description of their capstone project and research plan that will guide their work for the rest of the semester. This description must include:

Your name and areas of study
A brief abstract of your topic and main research question(s)
The chosen format of your capstone project (research paper, creative project, internship)
explain the specific steps you plan to take to collect and interpret data/evidence to answer your research question (methods) as well as the reasoning behind using those methods—why the specific set of methods you plan to use are best suited to answer your question (methodology). In other words, what types of data/information (primary sources) do you plan to collect to answer your research question? How will you go about finding/collecting this data/information? Will you take a qualitative, quantitative, or “mixed-methods” approach? What specific methods (e.g. survey, interviews, ethnography) will you use? 

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comment on them; present your views.   In order to receive the maximum number of points, go beyond merely agreeing or disagreeing in your response. In other words, bring to the….

Practical Connection

  Practical Connection Assignment Course: Monitoring and closing the project   Required Text(s): Kloppenborg, T., Anantatmula, V., & Wells, K. (2019). Contemporary project management (4th ed). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. Pinto,….

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Once you have a clear understanding of what your organization needs,   it is time to consider the interview process. This assignment is a   continuation of the acquiring, developing, and leveraging….