Ideal Culture creation in a Company

Ideal Culture creation
Company Values
• Have you articulated a compelling vision for the company?
• Have you defined a mission statement, based on that vision, that employees understand and can implement?
• Do employees know how their work relates to this vision?
• Is there a common set of values that binds the organization together?
• Do you and other executives or owners demonstrate these values day in and day out?
• How are people treated?
• Do you foster an atmosphere of civility and respect?
• Do you value and encourage teamwork, with all ideas welcomed?
• Do you acknowledge, encourage, and act upon (when appropriate) ideas from employees?
• Do you give employees credit for their ideas?
• Have you shown a positive commitment to a balance between work and life?
• Have you clarified how the company views its relationship with the communities it affects?
• Do your actions support that commitment to community?
• Do you practice and encourage open communication?
• Do you share operating information throughout the company so that people know how the company is doing?
• Do you regularly survey employees on workplace issues and ask for their input on solutions?
• Is there an open-door policy for access to management?
Employee Performance
• Do you handle personnel issues with fairness and respect?
• Do employees receive feedback regularly?
• Are employee evaluations based on agreed-upon objectives that have been clearly communicated?

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