ICT Development in United Arab Emirates

ICT Development in United Arab Emirates. Information and Communication Technology is a collection of multiple technological tools together with other resources that are used in communication, storage, processing, and management of data and information. Some of the technologies that are used in ICT include the internet, computers, telephony, and broadcasting technology. Nowadays, the use of ICT has been widely incorporated into different sectors worldwide. Its application has led to political, economic, and social developments. Its main focus lays in helping marginalized groups and communities by bridging the digital gap. This ensures that all communities gain equal access to technologies, both existing, and new innovations. In the recent years, countries have been embracing these technologies due to their wide range of developments in infrastructure, and services. According to Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, one of the countries that are on the fore front in using ICT to power up its development is the United Arabs Emirates.

ICT Development in United Arab Emirates

ICT works as a system composed of different components. These components include hardware, software, data, information, procedures, and people. The hardware refers to the physical components of an ICT system while software refers to programs that contain instructions needed to get the task done. The data represents the raw materials that need processing while information is the outcome after the processing is done. In an ICT system, people are needed make decisions on the type of procedures to be used to get the job done and supply the data needed for processing. The physical devices are usually connected via a network referred to as The Internet of Things (IoT) enhancing communication and data exchange (Mayer, Borges, & Simske, 2018). This increases the possibilities of integrating the physical world into the computer system which results to developments on efficiency, major economic gains, and reduction in human labor.

To develop and improve ICT in the UAE, certain actions have to be taken. One of the strategies is to ensure implementation of policies that favor the expansion and increased use of technologies in the country. Favorable policies will not only attract foreign technological companies but also encourage domestic ones (Silverstone, 2017). These companies sell their technologies or tech products in the country resulting to plenty of people using technology hence bridging the digital gap in the country. Plenty of tech-companies in the country will result competition thus people will use services and buy their products at low cost.

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