IATA 2020 Report

IATA 2020 Report

The IATA 2020 Report states that the IATA Board of Governors has adopted a new safety goal focused on the continual reduction in the aviation all-accident rate.

To this end, IATA has developed a new IATA Safety Strategy which was developed around three key pillars. namely, Safety Leadership, Safety Risk, and Safety Connect, by ‘continuously improving safety performance through an industry-led collaborative effort to identify and manage global aviation safety risks’.


Provide a detailed examination of this IATA Safety Strategy and critically evaluate its effectiveness and how you think that this will in practice, impact aviation safety and the industry in general.



Question Two


During this pandemic crisis, government and industry stakeholders came together to address the need for flexibility and temporary measures that were critical to keeping the industry flying. IATA deployed Safety Risk Assessments and developed extensive Guidance Materials in a number of areas, to support the industry’s continued safe operation.

Provide a detailed discussion of these 2 measures and critically evaluate the effectiveness of these measures in assisting the aviation industry to cope with the impact of the pandemic and to resume and continue its safe operation.



Question Three


On 23 May 2021 Ryanair Flight 4978, a regularly scheduled international passenger flight from Athens International Airport, Greece to Vilnius Airport, Lithuania, was intercepted while in Belarusian airspace. Under the pretense of a bomb threat, the aircraft was diverted by the Belarusian government to Minsk National Airport and two passengers on board (an opposition activist and journalist and his girlfriend) were arrested by authorities.


The act was condemned by the European Union, NATO,  the United Kingdom, and the United States, among others, and by some civil aviation authorities.


  1. Do you consider this incident to be an ‘unlawful act’? Discuss fully.
  2. Critically analyze the response by the international aviation community.
  3. In light of this incident and the Qatar blockade, critically evaluate the role of ICAO.


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