I/O Psychology – Psychology Applied to work

I/O Psychology – Psychology Applied to work. For this assignment please search the internet and find a news story from a credible source about a company making some sort of change. Post the internet link for the story and write a brief summary (3 to 5 pages of body – excluding title page.

and references) of the article with the following information:
• What type of change occurred
• Why was the change needed
• Who made the decision
• How was the decision to change made
• What is the expected outcome of the change
• What criteria will be used to determine if the change was successful

I/O Psychology

The article used for this paper is titled What’s Behind Google’s Alphabet Restructuring’ and is available at In the article, the author notes that Google took steps in restructuring itself under Alphabet which is a new holding company, where the intent is the protection of Google’s core brand. Further, the restructuring is meant to ensure that the riskier investments also have greater independence. Google will now become a subsidiary of Alphabet and will retain its role in internet products while its other non-internet arms will become equal subsidiaries under Alphabet. The restructuring was announced by Google co-founder Larry Page who noted that this will contribute to more management scale as things will be run independently.

            The article further notes that ambitious investments outside Google’s core internet products will have more freedom without being tied to Google. With Google also subject to privacy concerns especially in Europe, the changes will ensure that such concerns do not emerge in other sectors such as health where the organization may be looking to venture. The article also garners opinion from different professionals who note that this move is good especially due to positioning, branding, as well as profit and loss reporting (Wharton, 2015). While the changes are expected to be beneficial for Alphabet and its subsidiaries, the article highlight that there may be management challenges coming from the restructuring of Google.

Type of change and why it was needed

            The type of change that occurred at the organization was a restructuring of Google from a parent company to a subsidiary under Alphabet. Google has been an entity by itself having established itself as a dominant online search engine while offering products such as Gmail and Google Maps. Under its co-founder Larry Page, the organization has been over time engaged in a variety of activities referred to as moonshoot projects that are as a result of the organization’s R&D’s immersion in different areas. Some of these projects include wearable tech, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and smart home devices. While some of these projects have been successful, others are yet to leave the lab. As such, Google has been growing into a highly diverse organization with different entities under its name.

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