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1. What are some challenges faced by schools with a diverse family population? 2. What are some benefits? 

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1.A diverse student  population means that there may be conflicting values and attitudes  towards education, and that some subgroups of a population may treated  unequally or feel left out.
Our Halloween parade is a big deal at our school.  The kids all dress  up, the teams of teachers have different themed costumes, even the  admin join in the fun. It was on this day that 3 of our Micronesian  students, one in Kindergarten decided they were simply going to leave  class and walk off campus. When we got the call on the radio that they  were missing, we frantically spread out to search until we found them a  few blocks away. They came to our office, as many students do when they  are about to be disciplined. When asked why they left, they remained  silent. All three of the students had limited English proficiency, and  it felt like we were pulling teeth. The kindergarten student began to  cry. Finally, the oldest of three spoke and shared that the they left  because their moms said they did not have enough money for a costume.
I should have realized that from the get go. My heart sank, and  suddenly I found myself questioning American values and the  commercialism of holidays. Now, each time we have a big event on campus –  that may require dressing up, or having parents show up, I remember  that while most of the students are excited about the big day, there are  always kids that feel left out and may need extra support.

 2. I do agree that some diversity in the student population might cause  conflict, but the overall reaching effort is to make sure that everyone  is treated equally and that the on equitable favoritism is ruled out. I  do agree that diversity plays a crucial role in making sure that others  understand and know that there is diversity around in the classroom and  after school. Making sure that there’s someone who is ethnic, religious,  or national origin is pointed out this will help students understand  how each of us is different in our ways. Being different is something  that everyone wants to be part of, but there is a price to pay sometimes  in the real world from being different and or diverse.

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