I need this asap do anyone have access to this book to do this assignment

Please follow the directions for each assignment carefully!  Some will be just as stated in the book while others will have additional or different instructions.  The instructions are listed below:
Chapter 8:  Extend Your Knowledge (Page 274, #4)
Additional instructions: 
Draw a map of the area including the school and the surrounding features.  Follow this format for developing your learning experience:
        Objective (goal):
        Specific social studies area (Refer to the strands/themes listed in the beginning of the text):
        Description of the activity:
        Accommodations for special needs children:
Chapter 10:  Extend Your Knowledge (Page 319, #2)
Additional instructions: 
Include pictures of both flags.  Include a flag from our history that is not the current flag of the United States as well as a picture of the flag from a different country.  Be sure you explain the symbols and colors for both flags as explained in the textbook.  Answer all questions for both flags.
Chapter 11:  Extend Your Knowledge (Page 335, #1)
Additional instructions:
Make sure you interview children from a Pre-K (four years old) not kindergarten (five year olds).  Decide on your list of questions (minimum of ten, 10) before you begin the interview and make sure you print those out before you arrive for the interview.  Follow a certain theme instead of just asking random questions.  Remember that the question is about where we get goods from.  For example, if you want to ask about clothes, then make sure all your questions follow a logical order about clothes.  Remember that you will also have questions that arise as you interview the children.  Plan on spending around 30 to 45 minutes with the children.  You may want to tape the session so you can refer to the tape to remind you of what the children said. 
List your questions (a minimum of ten, 10) and then a summary paragraph of comments from the children for each question.  Follow this format:  question, paragraph. 

 Social Studies for the Preschool/Primary Child
AuthorCarol Seefeldt; Sharon D. Castle; Renee Falconer

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