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i need it soon. Performance Critique
You must attend a live theatrical performance DURING the dates of this class; professional, college or community theater productions only. NO improv, stand-up comedy, high school productions, ballet or dance recitals (including The Nutcracker), religious pageants, circuses or theme park entertainments, opera or musical concerts (by musical concerts I mean piano recitals, choirs, string quartets, etc).  Theatrical musicals such as “Chicago”, “Sound of Music”, Phantom of the Opera”, “West Side Story”, “Wicked”, etc., that have a connecting plot line, dialogue, music and characters are acceptable.
If you have a question as to the suitability of the production, email me with the name of the show, the theatre name and city/location.
 The critique should state your opinion on the following areas:  acting, directing, scenic design, lighting, costuming, make-up/hair, props, sound, technical execution, and music and dance if applicable.  In addition, please discuss the unity of the production, did all areas work together as a creative whole, if not, why?
This assignment is MANDATORY.  THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT.  The course is still passable without the performance critique, especially if you take advantage of the extra credit casting assignment and complete all quizzes and DQs to a high level.  There is no exception for the required performance critique.  The performance critique is REQUIRED in ALL THE3 COURSES ON THE RCC CAMPUS.
For detailed instructions on how to write a strong performance critique:
    from the home page select the ‘Course Documents’ tab on the left hand side of the page
    select The Theater Goers Guide (select ‘follow this link’ to access)
        read the entire guide, but especially beneficial is Chapter 2: Key Questions for a Theatre Report
If you can answer the questions under Key Questions for a Theater Report (especially those in relation to the set design and construction, lighting, costumes, hair and makeup, props, acting, directing, sound effects and sound projection) with clear examples and references from the course, you will be able to write a strong critique that should receive a high grade.  
 I am looking for your informed opinion based on information learned in this class. Make sure your opinions are supported by strong details and examples from the production.  A statement such as “The production was bad.”  does not tell me anything beneficial. However, statements such as: “The whole production suffered from a lack of direction. The casting was completely wrong, and did not allow the audience to suspend their disbelief .  Casting a 45 year-old woman as Juliet is not believable.  In addition, the blocking was confusing and did not focus the audience’s attention on the necessary action.  As a result the story was difficult to follow.” show strong opinions based on specific examples and learned information.  Use the textbook and outside sources for additional support.
The critique must be a minimum of  700 words and a maximum of  2,000 words.  It will be marked down if it does not meet the minimum requirement.  If you write a 700 word critique and do a competent job, that is probably C or low B work.  If you want a higher grade, you will need to exceed the minimum standard.
Performance Critique is worth 130 possible points.  THINK OF THIS AS YOUR FINAL AND WORK ACCORDINGLY.

 You must scan/photograph the ticket stub and program cover to prove that you attended the show during this class.  The ticket or program must contain the date(s) of the performance, location and show name.  These must be included with your critique.  If you attend a show like ‘Wicked’ in Los Angeles, the program will not suffice as the same printed program is used for months or years at a time.  You would need to include a ticket stub that shows the date of the production.  

  YOUR CRITIQUE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR GRADING WITHOUT PROOF OF ATTENDANCE, I.E. A TICKET STUB, SALES RECEIPT OR PROGRAM COVER THAT SHOWS DATE, THEATRE LOCATION AND SHOW NAME.  Make sure to attach proof of attendance!  All written work must be original and specific to the dates of the course.  Submit Performance Critique and proof of attendance through the Canvas Assignments/Performance Critique Required.

i need it soon

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