Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to use differentiated instruction for a case study of a student. 

For this assignment you will analyze the case study below:
Read the case study:
Grade 2 Case Study
This student is at the end of his Grade 2 year. He is a bright student and his oral language is excellent. He takes part in class discussions and has an excellent general knowledge and excellent vocabulary. However, he has difficulty reading despite having had some Reading Recovery support, which was unsuccessful. A sample of his written work can be found here. 
The top few lines of Heading, Characters, Setting and Problem were copied off board notes. What is below this is his written response done independently. Look at this sample and analyze what you think may be problematic. (Hint: look at the spacing). 

How can you differentiate instruction for this student and what adaptive technology could you use?
Design a learning experience or unit to help the above student improve his writing skills using differentiated instruction.
Then, save your work in a word document and upload it in the assignment dropbox.

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