Hurricane Katrina as extreme weather event

Hurricane Katrina as extreme weather event. The United States has sustained over 90 weather-related disasters in the past 30 years in which overall damages exceeded $1 billion. The total normalized losses for the 90-plus events exceeded $700 billion. Droughts, floods, hurricanes, severe storms, heat waves, freezes, and wildfires pose serious challenges for farmers and the agribusiness community. Socio-economic costs of some of these natural disasters are far-reaching and long-lasting. The enduring changes in climate, water supply, and soil moisture necessitate mitigation measures and adaptation strategies to cope with these changes in order to develop effective long-term risk management plans. The preparedness strategies should include alternatives to current agricultural management schemes in certain regions.

Hurricane Katrina

In your first written assignment, you researched an extreme weather event from the past and provided historical context and information on the communities affected. For your second assignment, you will think about this same weather event and provide a physical description of the event and the lessons learned from the affected communities.
In your second case study assignment, write a paper that includes the following information:
Provide a physical description of the type of extreme event:
What atmospheric conditions led to the event?
What physical forces were responsible for the event?
How rare was it?
What made the event so impactful?
Provide some information on how the community or communities learned, or did not learn, from the event:
Did they set up new preparedness or mitigation plans?
Have they experienced a similar event since?
Did the event change the culture of the region?
Did it drastically lead to societal change (the fall of an empire, deserting of an area, etc.)?
As with Case Study 1, this assignment is meant to be open ended, and the above should act as an outline to what should be included.
Your response should be roughly two pages, double spaced. Be sure to cite references, and format your paper using APA style.
For this assignment you will submit your paper for your peers to review, giving you constructive feedback to use before you submit your final draft.

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