Hunger in San Diego Persuasive Speech

1 | Page . Attention Step . When will you eat next? Will you be eating dinner tonight? . Need Step . Today, there are over 446,000 people that are going hungry in San Diego County. http://sandiegofoodbank. org/hunger-in-san-diego/ . A story of a fellow San Diegan and her family who are also having hunger problems. 1. Alejandra in her late 20s moved in with her sister Marisol, her husband, and her three kids to help take care of them. 2. Marisol worked days and Alejandra nights so there was always someone to take care of the kids. 3.

Marisol’s husband lost his job as construction worker, Marisol was laid off from hers as a housekeeper at a Holiday Inn, and then Alejandra lost her restaurant job. 4. It became hard for them to find work, but eventually Marisol’s husband found few jobs as a handyman and Marisol worked cleaning a few houses. 5. Barely got by, and it was hard for them. 6. Cupboards were generally empty except for a little of rice and beans. 7. Main concern was children, so adults would often eat little or nothing at all so the kids would have enough. . Eventually got support from church and then San Diego Food Bank. • Here is a picture of Alejandra picking up food at the San Diego Food Bank. That is a real story about a real hunger problem. http://sandiegofoodbank. org/newstypes/client-profiles/ 2. Feedingamericasd. org says that: • 1 out of 4 children in San Diego don’t know where their next meal is coming from… • Scientific evidence suggests that hungry children are less likely to become productive citizens. A child who is unequipped to learn because of hunger and poverty is more likely to be poor as an adult. . You see…. our bodies are like engines, engines need fuel, we need food, and both are required to move forward. 2. So next this quote is from sandiegohungercoalition. org, Ken Hecht, executive director of California food policy advocate says that: “Given the extent of food insecurity in San Diego County and across the country, we must not undermine critical efforts to protect families against hunger, and improve health through good nutrition,” You know….. we must all realize that hunger can happen to any of us, all it takes is: • Losing our job • Having a health crisis • Or any other unusual emergency expense. Such as a major car repair. ?And… We must all be aware…That it’s important that San Diego County has food bank agencies to provide support to people who are low income or have sudden crises. . Satisfaction Step . We….. Should look for opportunities… to support the San Diego Food Bank. . There are many ways to support the Food Bank, we can… • Donate food items Support them financially • Or we can volunteer. . aThe San Diego Food Bank has been around since 1977 and has been serving ever since because of… People’s food… financial… and voluntary support. . So…Yes, this solution will take time out of your day and/or money if you would like to help. But, think of the good you would do by simply donating 10 dollars, taking 3 hours out of your Saturday or Sunday, or even collecting a few cans of food from your neighbors or workplace to just do something good for a local family in need. Visualization Step . So…just look around places you go in San Diego, maybe you see a homeless guy asking for money for food, or maybe it’s your next door neighbor who doesn’t have enough to eat, or maybe even a friend who’s hungry but too reluctant to say. • The sad fact is that nearly half a million people in San Diego County don’t have enough to eat. . Imagine that there was a place where all of those hungry people could go to get food. I know of a place, the San Diego Food Bank. . Action Step . Fact is…people are hungry…. ut the San Diego Food Bank is there to help. . So today, I would like to encourage you to pull out your phones when you leave this classroom today, simply text capital letters “SD” to 20222, and this will make a 10$ donation to the San Diego Food Bank, just a simple thing, yet that 10 dollars will provide 30 meals for people in need. . This week, I myself am going to make a ten dollar donation and drop off a bag of food to the Food Bank. . If San Diegans work together, we can eliminate hunger in San Diego County.

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