Human resources 3 separate questions answered

Answer 3  separate questions below , 200 words each question! in APA format with one APA reference for each question. Quality work

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Question 1
 Most employees, other than high level executives and members of unions, are employed under the doctrine known as employment-at-will. What are the protections, if any, for employment-at-will workers? Do you believe additional protections are needed for individuals employed in this manner, or do you believe the system works fine the way it is now? Discuss fully, including what additional protections should be considered if you feel that changes are needed. 

Question 2
 The total number of workers belonging to private sector labor unions in the United States peaked in the late 1970s and membership in private sector unions has declined steadily since then. Thoroughly discuss the factors you believe have contributed to this decline. Do you believe this decline in membership is a positive or negative development for our economy/society – explain fully. 

Question 3

For this discussion question, find a recent lawsuit, legal news story, or article using an Internet or DUO library search centering on a defamation case. News-feed websites such as MSN or CNN, or search engines such as Yahoo or Google may be useful. Major publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc are available through the Davenport library.You may also use your hometown newspaper websites as a resource.
Provide an overview/summary of the case; your opinion of the outcome; your analysis of the applicable legal/HR principles (drawing heavily on what was learned from the assigned readings); and the relevance to the business environment.
Be sure to cite your source using proper APA format. 

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