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Human Resource Paper (Ch)

Human Resource Paper (Ch).  DUE in 12 hours! 

Submission Requirements 
Assignment requires that you write a 2-3 page paper discussing the questions outlined. Your grade on the assignment will be based on whether you answer the questions posed, including the quality of your answer and whether it suggests that you are knowledgeable about course material. Please reference using appropriate in-text citations and a list of references.   
The paper should be double-spaced and turned in as a Microsoft Word document.  The quality of writing will have a strong impact on your grade. Typos and sentences that are unclear will detract from your grade. 

Special Issues in Training
The question on Special Issues in Training is as follows:
You are the director of training and development for a U.S. based company that is planning to expand globally into Asia and Europe within the next 12 months. As a result of this global expansion, a number of your U.S. managers will be taking on expatriate assignments. You are well aware of the high failure rate and the cost associated with these international assignments and are preparing to present your recommendations to the CEO on how to minimize the risk of failure. 
1. What steps will you take to prepare your competent managers for these assignments and ensure they are successful when they arrive in the host country and  when they return to the U.S.? 
2. How will you convince the CEO that there is a risk involved and that your intervention is needed?

Human Resource Paper (Ch)

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