Human Research Protection

Human Research Protection
During this course, you will learn the components required for a research study. Each week you will learn components of the research process through your readings and application of the knowledge gained to published research articles. 
During this week, you are expected to examine the protection of human subjects in research from early research studies, through the development of research codes to current research standards. The aim is to familiarize you with the ethical issues associated with research and gain firsthand information of the processes used to protect research participants.
View each of the You Tube clips listed below: Caring Corrupted: The Killing Nurses of the Third Reich   Research Ethics    Belmont Report Part 1    Belmont Report Part 2    IRB   (Institutional Review Board)
After viewing each video, write two paragraphs about each video describing the purpose of the video and discussed one point from each video that you think is important regarding protecting human subjects in research and provided rationale. Your submission should be 400-500 words, using APA style.
Submission Details

Name your document as SU_NSG6101_W2_Project_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
Submit your certificate to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

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