Human Development

It is a hard topic to discuss, but remains a difficult reality in American society with approximately one fourth to one third of children in the U. S. estimated to be overweight or obese. Many campaigns exist to help prevent obesity, including attempts at regulating candy and soda as a part of school lunches across many districts. Talk about your perspective on this epidemic, do you think the <link is hidden> should further regulate school lunches, fast food restaurants, etc? If so, in what ways? Why or why not? Remember to support your arguments with research/facts whenever possible. Please be respectful of one another, no harsh commentary or inappropriate posting please.

Human Development

As we know from this week’s material and our own observations of the world around us, adolescence is a time of great growth in many ways, but also many challenges. This week, let’s discuss those challenges. In your original post, let the class know what you think is the biggest challenge facing adolescents today, and why. Use information from our textbook or other resources from this week (or previous weeks), or sources you research on your own, in order to support your argument as to why you feel that particular topic is a big challenge for adolescents. If you find that someone else has already written about your choice of “biggest challenge,” be sure you use different arguments, or choose another challenge to write about, so that your original post is not simply agreeing with what someone else argued.

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