Human Development – Unemployment of fresh graduates

Human Development – Unemployment of fresh graduates

The plan will include prototypes of thinking, evidence of research (primary data drawn from observations and interviews).
The pitch will also include a section on reviewing progress as the idea undergoes further evolution and development.

1. A prototype will help you to develop your idea further and focus on specific moments You need to focus on details to understand the user experience
a. Where are the moments of joy ?
b. Where are the moments of pain?
2. Gather data through observations – run a brainstorm session with a group of individuals who have a connection to your idea (2 – 5 people)
3. Refine your porotype and thinking to move forward

Assignment Format:

• Length of the document: 8 – 10 pages.
• double-space your papers using 12-point type and show the word count at the end of the paper.
• All sources and references should be cited in footnotes. Please use MLA or APA citation style. Details of the Assignment:

1- Journey: (1 page – based on the information provided in Appendix A)
a. Setting the scene (the context)
b. Identification of problem / Pain points
c. Solution- how it addresses the pain points
d. Strong conclusion to the pitch

2- Planning for the implementation:
a. Stages and time frames
b. What farther information is required at each stage for further development
3- Feedback and feedforward loops and interventions in place to support incremental changes

Last part of the assignment:
• How have your assumptions around entrepreneurial thinking been challenged during the course?
• How will you continue to develop an inclusive and entrepreneurial culture with your teams?
• What is the main barrier you envisage impacting innovation for you and how will you address this barrier?