riters. The reason for this is because writers usually think of new interesting articles that will leave something to readers and will make an impression for them in order to become historical figures. I also feel they decided to become writers because of their upbringing and their beliefs which were implicit in their judgments. The main key to becoming individuals is to look at ourselves honestly and objectively (Vincent Ryan Ruggiero 2009). This takes courage because it often involves abandoning wishful thinking and destroying cherished illusions about ourselves (Vincent Ryan Ruggiero 2009).
So with this in mind I think they did this when they decided to become writers during their time. 5. In this class, we have discused common habits that hinder critical thinking. Which of these habits may have been a factor in how Samuel Adams and Thomas Hutchinson viewed the issues that led to the Boston Tea Party? How could they have overcome those habits? Some of the common habits that hinder critical thinking which may have been a factor in how Samuel Adams and Thomas Hutchinson viewed the issue that led to the Boston Tea Party are the mine is better and the face saving habits.
The mine is better habit is a habit that is hard to break. It basically speaks for itself. So they may have thought that their view of the Boston Tea Party was better than anyone else’s. Then you have the face saving habits which like the mine is better habit, face saving habit is a natural tendency arising from our ego. This usually occurs after we have said or done something that threatens to disturb our self image or the image others have of us (Vincent Ryan Ruggiero 2009).

This is better know as the defense mechanism, meaning it is a strategy used to protect our image. This would be why they would have used this form of habit when critically thinking. Another common habit they may have used is resistance to change. Resistance to change is the tendency to reject new ideas and new ways of seeing or doing without examining them fairly. They may have used this in hindering their decision on how to write about the Boston Tea Party. 6.
What is one important distinction you could not overlook making when critically evaluating the information provided in these materials about the Boston Tea Party? Clarify the importance of that distinction. 7. What strategies of critical reading, listening, and viewing did you utilize when evaluating the provided materials? 8. Considering what you have learned about the Boston Tea Party, Samuel Adams, and Thomas Hutchinson, apply your creativity to describe what could have been done proactively to avoid the incident.

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