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It is important for all health care recipients and health care providers to read information regarding HIPAA that way everyone will be informed of what rights are privacy they are entitled to and the workers are aware of what information needs to remain confidential. People can receive handouts regarding information about HIPAA, as well as the Internet.
There are hundreds of online websites that people can go to in order to receive more information on how HIPAA works and what is required to ensure everyone follows the laws that go along with HIPAA.Breaking the law can have some major consequences so it is important to understand HIPAA and what privacy laws are enforced to protect a patient’s information. The information that is provided informs health care workers and organizations what rights a patient has and the consequences of breaking the rules, whether intentional or accidental. HIPAA affects the day-to-day operations within human service organizations. The reason it affects the human service organizations is because HIPAA has to be followed on a day-to-day basis.Every day an employee goes into work, they are to honor HIPAA and their clients by not reveling any personal patient information and to keep all information confidential. Once becoming employed, a person is informed of HIPAA and what the rules and regulations are according to HIPAA standards.
HIPAA regulations state that they are to protect privacy so every worker knows not to reveal anything personal, even to family or friends. When a client comes to them in need, they must be there for the client and they client needs to know that they can trust the workers.If a person goes to a mental health clinic, they will want to know their personal issues will be kept in that room and it will go no further. An employee needs to go into work with a positive attitude of how they should helps those in need of their services, instead of invading their privacy and confidentiality; whether they intentionally do it for specific reasons or if they are just asking a fellow employee for help where others are able to hear the information as well. While many people supported HIPAA, there were some people and organizations that did not support HIPAA.In the beginning, the health care industry was against HIPAA and did not approve of the rules set by HIPAA. “Health care providers, health care organizations, and, to some extent, health plans thought of the proposed HIPAA rules as just another federal mandate that would cost the industry billions of dollars to implement and monitor” (Bowers, n.

d. ). The health care industry is still having issues with HIPAA rules and regulations but more organizations are coming to terms with HIPAA and focusing on the positive aspects that HIPAA provides instead of focusing on negative issues.Even though it can be hard for some organizations to understand HIPAA, they are researching it and coming to terms on how to handle HIPAA in order to better serve their patients. There will be ramifications to clients and the organization if the law is not followed. If an employee allowed personal and private information to be released to other people regarding a client, then the client could feel betrayed and hurt. The client could, in turn, sue the company where the employee worked for personal damages in regards to their privacy being invaded.
Both the client and employee would suffer from the law being broken.It is important to always follow the rules because the consequences could be severe. The client could be humiliated if the worker breaks the rules and releases private information and not trust the organization anymore. The organization could begin to get a bad reputation and there could be fewer people that go to the organization for help. The organization could suffer and be put out of business, all because of an employee who broke the law. The rightful thing to do to the employee would be for the employee to receive a strong warning or, depending on how severe the law was broken, a leave of absence or termination from the job.I think that HIPAA has wonderful privacy laws that need to be used in human service organizations.
In the technological world, it can be difficult for personal information to remain private, so it is great that HIPAA was established. HIPAA serves a great purpose, being that it protects a patient’s privacy. There are great resources that everyone could use to find out more information about HIPAA and what laws it provides, including the Internet. It is important that health care recipients and health care workers learn the rules and regulations of HIPAA because the laws will be enforced on a day-to-day basis and must be followed at all times.Even though some organizations were against HIPAA, it is important to enforce the rules of HIPAA for the best interest of the patient and their privacy rights. It is important to enforce strict punishment for those who break the rules of HIPAA because it could cause humiliation if the patient’s private information was released to other people who did not need to know about it. I think it is great that HIPAA was established because there needs to be strict privacy rules for patients because too often, there is confidential information released to people who do not need to know the information.
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