HRM 520 Disc 2

Database, Database Management System, and Business Applications 
1. Watch the following two videos from the course Relational Database Fundamentals with Adam Wilbert.

“Database Management Systems (DBMS)?” (4 min 36 s)
“Relational Structures” (3 min 57 s)

2. Review Figure F2.1 Database, Database  Management System, and Business Applications on page 28 of the textbook.  Based on the videos, and your readings this week, please respond to the  following questions:

Choose a set of data from the database list (e.g., Performance  data). Next, select the appropriate application program that the data  interfaces with via the database management system (i.e. Performance  program). Now, explain how information from the application and system  are displayed on your computer screen as the user. Explain how you use  the program and what functions are available to you. What  recommendations would you make to improve the program’s functionality to  make it easier for end users?

Human Resource Information Systems: 4th Edition: Kavanagh, Johnson, 2018. Figure 2.1 pg. 28

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