Case Study

Hris Case Study

Hris Case Study.
HRIS Case study 1. How does this position help the HR function become a strategic partner of the organization? MOMIRI companies realize that quality personal are the key to success. That means the company can achieve its strategic goals by the support of human capital. Therefore, proper management of human capital is the core factor for company to reach its strategic goals. Thus, HRIS, of which primary objective is to maximize the value of an organization’s human capital, can serve as a significant strategic partner of the organization.
In addition, according to the duties and responsibilities of the HRIS administrator, since the HRIS administer serves as key systems liaison with other department such as payroll, HRIS administer can also help other department and build an integrate relationship between HR and other department. That relationship can provide a very insightful view for HR department and help the company to make and implement its strategic goals by providing some useful information of employees. 2. From the position description, identify the traditional, transactional, and transformational HR activities that this position is involved with.
Traditional: Conduct new hire in process to include systems training for new employees and entering new employee information in Costpoint. Conduct termination out-processing to include entering employee separation information in Costpoint and reporting attrition data. Process personal actions (hires, terminations, pay & title changes, promotions, employment status, etc) to include entering data into HRIS. Transactional: Support and maintains the HRIS in addition to other systems supported by the management of enterprise applications.

Provide detail and aggregate information for salary surveys and regulatory reporting. Maintain data integrity in ATS, HRIS, and other enterprise system by running queries and analyzing and fully auditing data across all HR departments. Transformational: Provide HR tools and resources for management and staff to accomplishment their goals and objectives. Serve as key systems liaison with other departments and process stakeholders. 3. Using the key responsibilities identified for this position, explain why and how the HRIS function plays a pivotal role in the organizational model as described in this chapter.
The HRIS function keeps and manages all the employees’ information. The HRIS analyzes the employees’ information such as performance and skills and identifies some talented person to plan and implement project. In addition, the HRIS can help make payrolls and thus build an integrate relationship with other finance and accounting software. Last but not least, HRIS can enhance efficiency and effectiveness of HR administrative functions and improve employees satisfaction by delivering HR services more quickly and accurately.

Hris Case Study

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