As a human resources recruiter, discuss with the hiring managers the importance of selecting the best candidates in your industry for the positions listed below. Be sure to consider matching the needs and culture of the organization. 1500 word count.

Provide a recommendation for the set of steps to be used in the recruitment process of a customer service representative for a streaming TV provider.
What members of the organization will be involved in the recruitment process and what are their roles in the process?
Discuss 3 types of interviews and give examples of each type. Which type will you use when interviewing the customer service representative?
Develop a 4 interview questions that you would ask the customer service representative in the interview. Provide a mixture of questions and describe why you believe each type of question is important. 
What are the benefits of effective orientation and onboarding programs for employers and employees?
Reflecting on your own experiences in an onboarding and orientation program, what were the most important things you learned in the program?
From your prior knowledge, experiences, and learning, describe a strategy that you would recommend to ensure that a company retains its best employees.

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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to design a portfolio assessment.  Directions:  For this assignment, you will use the website to create an e-portfolio. Create an account (it’s free!)…..


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