How would the COVID-19 impact Asia-Pacific and reshape its economic structure?

How would the COVID-19 impact Asia-Pacific and reshape its economic structure? Specify the motivation for the research project. Explain why this research project is necessary.Explain how and why the research project is interesting, important to the field and differentiated from the existing literature.what it is about the phenomenon under investigation that is not understood.

Explain where the existing literature falls short on providing necessary explanation.Discuss how this research project will add new and valuable insight and contributes to existing knowledge.Justify (if there is a gap in knowledge) why a gap in current knowledge merits research attention and why it is important and interesting to study this particular phenomenon.Explain how the research changes our understanding of the phenomenon, explaining advances in theory development and other value-added aspects of research outcomes.

Specify how the research findings are potentially useful beyond the narrow research domain of the particular study.Specify which particular literature the paper contributes to and how. Does the study confirm, expand or modify existing theory? Which theory or theories exactly are impacted by this research?Specify which particular targets can benefit from their findings – policy makers, practitioners, or some other groups.

Reflect carefully on the place their work takes in the existing literature.Demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and a depth of grounding in the most relevant literature in a parsimonious way.Provide a thoughtful discussion of how the paper could serve as a foundation for future research. What are some of the important follow up and new research questions that could be generated based on the findings?

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