How to do analysis for a data set

How to do analysis for a data set

How to do analysis for a data set. Based on neighborhood group and room type define if the room is going to be booked.
1. Prepare the data set for analysis and identify variables that could be used in the analysis.
2. Run a logistic regression on the data, as appropriate, in order to respond to the question.

Steps to Analyze a Dataset

Include a brief summary introduction of the business problem your instructor has asked your analysis to address.
Describe the process of preparing the data set for analysis. How many observations did you exclude due to missing data?

Effective Ways to Analyze Your Data

  • Are there patterns in the data that you excluded? How does this impact analysis?
  • Did you build any new columns? If yes, how were they built?
  • Perform a logistic regression on the data that would help investigate the business problem presented by your instructor.
  • Present your output in a way that can be shared with organizational decision-makers.
    Assess the quality of the model that you generated. How well does the model fit?

What are the basic methods of statistical analysis?

Assess your presentation of the regression results. Could decision-makers act on this information? If so, how? If not, why not?
Include in an appendix the programs that you wrote to perform the analysis.

Along with any statistical software output and visuals resulting from the logistic regression analysis.

You may use SAS, R, or any other statistical software of your choosing.

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